Hot Spot Power Yoga

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1533 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville FL 32207
13475 Atlantic Blvd. #34 Jacksonville Fl 32224
10920 Baymeadows Road #6 Jacksonville FL 32256

Hot Spot Power Yoga has built a loving community with an emphasis on growth and leadership. The space is about discovering true strength, on the inside and out. The teachers and staff have a love for the practice and it’s gone viral in our community. Loving the practice is the key to discovering true power. Resisting it merely adds a tighter grip to limiting ways. It’s also healthy! So you’ll notice vibrant, unbound, happy people at Hot Spot Power Yoga and, well, you’ll want to join them. The studios offer Baptiste Power Yoga Classes, Restore & Renew Classes and Yoga + HIIT (YOD) Classes. Any and all of these classes will leave you in YOUR greatness!

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