Jessie's House and Carpet Cleaning

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9745 Touchton Rd, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Jessie’s House & Carpet Cleaning and Maid Service Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach Florida is a Christian Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service serving All NE Florida (and also SE Georgia). We are a Woman/Family/Locally owned and operated small business. Call or Text TODAY for your FREE estimate.

Jessie's House and Carpet Cleaning is the best service I've ever hired.
  • The Lemuexs reviewed 1 year ago
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During the holidays, I was caught up by surprise and did not realize how close the holidays were. My family was coming to town, and my entire home was a total mess, interior and exterior. It was Sunday morning, but I had some hope someone would show up. I called several companies and even called people on Craigslist to no avail. Where were all the great cleaning service companies when I had a last-minute emergency? I was beginning to lose hope when finally, searching online, I found a company that would serve my last-minute cleaning needs without hesitation. Jessie’s House and Carpet Cleaning is the best service I’ve ever hired. I called them on a Sunday at 11 a.m., and they were at my doorstep in less than an hour! I was very impressed. They did a variety of services. House cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, exterior window cleaning, and pressure washing on a Sunday! And, since they did not get to finish cleaning all the areas that same day, they came back the next morning

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My house really does SPARKLE after they’ve been here.

I’ve used many cleaning services as well as single housekeepers throughout the years, & struggled to find one who didn’t let quality slip after the first few months. Well, I found them, & they are Jessie’s. I’ve truly never been happier & can’t say enough about the level of detail they reach – my husband even notices (! ); the team is always polite, thorough, responsive, thorough, professional, thorough, sweet, thorough…you get the message. They are all the things on your “wish list” & then some! They always want me to check to see if anything was missed or if I want something done differently, but there never is anything missed & nothing ever has to be done differently.

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Hire Jessie’s & you will be very happy you did.
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Magnificent Cleaning Services
  • Amy Roberts reviewed 5 years ago
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I hired Jessie’s to do our move in house and carpet cleaning. The services were outstanding and our place looks and smells great. We now have hired Jessie’s to do our biweekly recurring home cleaning service. Couldn’t be happier with the level of quality of the cleaning and customer service. Very professional. Highly recommend.

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