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Katie Hammill is a local certified nutritionist, mom of two, wife, kitchen renegade, fitness fanatic and avid car pooler. Her mission is to take the complex relationship we all have with food and simplify it for REAL life. She believes there is no one universal style of eating. We are individuals and life gets REAL very quickly, so sticking to a diet that doesn’t work for you is a waste of time.

She works with moms and families from young to old, and beginner to aspiring athletes just like YOU to find the place where healthy feels great and is truly sustainable.  As a mom, she knows it’s not easy to feed your kids with all the conflicting information out there. It is her role to decipher the good from the bad and share the true story behind the headlines. She wants to give you confidence in the choices you make when feeding your family.

She offers both 1:1 consultations and online group programs allowing you to reach your goals. Follow along on Instagram at @katiehammillnutrition for delicious recipes, insights on the latest nutrition trends and a healthy dose of reality.

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