Kirby-Smith Middle School

2034 Hubbard Street Jacksonville, FL 32206

Students in our gifted program are challenged daily with accelerated gifted curriculum. Our gifted 7th grade math students are currently working with interactive learning programs such as This curriculum prepares them for the rigors of specialized high school programs at our magnet or neighborhood high schools. Our gifted students (and many of our academically talented students participate in the accelerated math program, which if completed successfully will give them credit in high school Algebra I Honors, and high School Geometry Honors. We also offer Physical Science Honors(9th Grade) to our gifted and talented 8th grade students.
Talented and gifted students that complete this course of study with a at least successful completion of Algebra I will have program continuity to Paxon, Stanton, Darnell Cookman or Robert E. Lee High Schools.

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