Little Seals Swim School

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12489 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, USA

At Little Seals Swim School, we offer one-on-one survival swim lessons to children as young as 8 months old. Babies/infants are taught to roll over and float on their backs. Once they reach a year old (or have been walking for about 6 weeks), they are taught to swim with their face in the water. The children are then taught to sequence the swimming with the floating in order to rest and breathe while swimming and playing in the water. They repeat the swim-float-swim sequence until they reach the steps or side. Once children are fully skilled, they have the opportunity to practice their skills fully clothed for “Silly Swim” lessons. Once lessons are completed, students are encouraged to maintain their skills by attending twice-monthly maintenance lessons (or semi-annual refresher lessons). Introduction to stroke lessons are, also, available for children that are developmentally ready (usually beginning between 4 and 6 years of age). Instructors are trained to present stroke lessons in a fun way that is relatable to young children.

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