Mayday Ice Cream

1432 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Ice Cream parlor creating artisan flavors and toppings in San Marco.

This is real homemade ice cream- we make it right here. Each of our flavors has been carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and lots of love!

Ice cream without sprinkles is like a day without sun, just not as fun. That’s why our sprinkles are not only made in house, they’re always on the house. Sprinkles for everyone! Hundreds and thousands of them!

Ice cream and waffle cones go together like Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Batman and Robin, you get the idea. Our waffle cones are carefully made right here in the shop.

As much as we want you to come in, stay for a while, and enjoy our unique flavors, we also think the fun shouldn’t stop there. We’ve packaged up our favorite flavors for you to take home and enjoy anytime!


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