Ortega Hills Playground

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5000 Greenway Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32244, United States

The Ortega Hills Playground is located in the Ortega Hills area across from the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The name Ortega derives from Joseph de Ortega, a judge during the second Spanish occupation of Florida from 1783-1821. In 1804, when John McIntosh bought the plantation that is present-day Ortega, he named it for the judge who facilitated his purchase of the property. Development of Ortega Hills began in 1954, and Devco Inc. donated the land for the park to Duval County in 1959. In recent years the local Community Association, led by its tireless founder Charles Zilla, lobbied for a new park that resulted in a major renovation in 2001. Park usage then increased dramatically, as people rushed to use the new facilities, which included landscaping and a walking/jogging trail around the perimeter.

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