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Jennifer Goff Headshot - Small.jpg
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2266 Oceanwalk Drive W, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

You Don’t Need a Vacation—You Need a Bond-Building, Magic-Making Adventure. At Salt and Sky Travel Designs, we create just that for you. Our custom-crafted immersive itineraries take our families far beyond the ordinary, on tailored escapes that expand their minds, broaden their horizons, and open their hearts. This is “adventure” defined by you. Whether that means tackling white-water rapids, tracking cheetahs across the Serengeti, or getting your kids to try a unique local delicacy (a victory for picky eaters everywhere!), your trip will challenge and inspire you all in amazing ways.

Authentic, eye-opening, effortless—you’ve never had a family vacation quite like this.

I’m Jennifer Goff. From sun-kissed beaches to sky-high mountains, I just can’t get enough of travel—especially when it comes to discovering those tucked-away hidden gems. Through Salt and Sky Travel Designs, I help your family discover the same, so your vacation experience is anything but typical.

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