The Jericho School

1351 Sprinkle Drive, Jacksonville, FL, United States

The mission of The Jericho School (non profit 501(c) 3 corporation) is to provide comprehensive, individualized science-based education not otherwise available in our community. We believe those children with autism and other developmental delays deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. The school’s curriculum provides effective treatment and education programs to children and their families based on Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior.

The Community Outreach Program allows The Jericho School to provide parents and other community members access to training and education training free of charge. The program increases parents’ and service providers’ knowledge, skills and abilities for working with children with autism; teaching specific skills, reducing inappropriate behaviors and developing language skills.

The Program includes a free 2-Day Workshop to provide parents and caregivers training in the best practices in working with children with autism. Education is provided on the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and how to use Verbal Behavior in Teaching Language to Children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.

A free consultation and assessment is also provided for the parents participating in the Community Outreach Program to provide more individualized guidance and assistance in selecting appropriate goals for their child’s educational program.

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