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Tough Guy Blue Lemonade
Tough Guy Blue Lemonade
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518 Hollyberry Lane, Orange Park, FL, USA

Tough Guys Cookies & Sweets is OPEN in Oakleaf just across the street from Oakleaf Village Elementary. The head chef and owner is John Odom, former police officer and certified “Tough Guy.” John started this bakery with his friends and family as a way to showcase his love for baking, a love that was created at a young age thanks to the creativity and devotion of his grandmother.

Tough Guys is open Tuesday – Saturday 1pm-7pm. They offer oversized cookies in a large variety of flavors, including a few local favorites like strawberry and cream, toffee, and confetti (and of course, several versions of chocolate chip!). They also offer a wide array of creative cookie and ice cream combos, like “the drill,” which is a single cookie with a scoop of ice cream, or their signature ice cream sandwich–made with two cookies of your choice and a massive scoop of ice cream in the middle. The bakery also has fresh baked waffle cones and a signature beverage line featuring incredible lemonades (served with your choice of candy!) as well as cold brew iced coffee.

With two food trucks and options for nationwide shipping, Tough Guys Cookies has a lot to offer for just about any event. They regularly do corporate catering events for several major local businesses in the Jax area, including Amazon and the Jaguars. You can also find them around town at festivals, concerts, and more.

Check out their creative cookies and sweets on their instagram account.

You can also head to their website,, to download a coupon for 10% off your first order when you subscribe to their email list.

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