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We believe that learning matters. We believe that improving yourself is a brave and noble goal. We believe that asking for help is a sign of strength—the first step on your journey towards the very best version of yourself. We believe that innovative technology can make all the difference.

Varsity Tutors was born out of the educational experiences of our founder and CEO, Chuck Cohn. In high school, private tutoring helped him move from an F to an A+ in honors geometry. But it also paired him with a French tutor who didn’t speak great English. And sometimes, it was just too difficult to find tutoring in time to make a difference.

That experience continued as Chuck struggled to find access to high-quality tutoring for one of his courses at Washington University in St. Louis. One night, he had an epiphany—great tutoring is only effective if you have reliable access to the right tutor for your situation.

With that revelation in mind, and a whole lot of hustle, Chuck built Varsity Tutors—a company that combines highly-credentialed experts with an advanced technology platform dedicated to live, personalized instruction.

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