Wiley Road Playground

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2150 Lane Avenue South, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

Wiley Road Playground is located at the intersection of Lane Avenue and Wiley Road in southwest Jacksonville. It resides adjacent to the Cedar Hills Estates neighborhood that was developed in the latter 1950’s, and across from Hyde Grove Elementary School that that was built in 1960. The City purchased most of the playground property in 1971, and obtained the rest when for a portion of Coulee Ave. was closed two years later. The property remained undeveloped for several years, and HUD built a Senior Citizen Center at the site about 1980-81. During its early years, the playground contained an athletic field, tennis and shuffleboard courts, restrooms, and a sizeable undeveloped area. Recent improvements include a new water feature in 2001 and a major addition to the Senior Center in 2003.

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