Your Classroom, LLC

5310 Lenox Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Your Classroom is an educational supply and services store specializing in decorations, bulletin board sets, accent pieces, resource books, manipulatives, arts/crafts, and more for parents and teachers working with children in PreK-8th grade.
Your Classroom was created in 2014 and showcased at OneSpark as the Empowerment Center.  This unique facility currently offers the following services:

  1. Parent/Child Workshops
  2. Teacher Supply Store
  3. New and Gently Used Items
  4. Teacher Boutique
  5. MeetUp Session
  6. PreK-5th Grade Tutoring
  7. Mentor/Mentee Program (Beginning Teacher)

Our mission is to transform communities by empowering educators through the availability of resources and networking opportunities that are effective and efficient.

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