Bryna is a stay at home mom who recently moved to Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida after living in Japan for six years. From figuring out how to make a foreign country 'home' to figuring out how the heck her six year old son can get pee BEHIND the toilet, Bryna approaches life with humor and open-mindedness. A huge advocate for Waldorf education and an overall gentle approach to parenting, Bryna enjoys exploring the world with her two children through eyes of wonder and excitement. She loves to write and writes about what she loves; family, traditions, food, wine, and how to find happy in everything.

Conquering the Veggie Hater: Green Smoothie 101

You know the song and the dance; I’m certain, mamas. Kid won’t eat any sort of vegetable. Mama tries to hide veggies in meals. Kid is on to mamas trickery and, therefore, refuses all...

From The Land of the Rising Sun to Riverside

I had just stepped out of the train station when my cell started to vibrate. I stopped immediately, blocking the flow of commuters (how gaijin of me!) to answer the call I had been...