Guest Blog Guidelines

Are you interested in being a guest blogger for Jacksonville Mom? If you’re local and you’re a mom (or have awesome and relevant information for local moms), we’d love to hear your ideas! Email us at info (at) jacksonvillemom (dot) com.

  • Ideal Word Count: 500-800 words, especially if the post is an essay. For listicles and guides, word count can be longer.
  • Submit articles in Microsoft Word.
  • Please look over posts, proofreading and spell-checking before submitting.
  • Posts must be original and not published elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Do not repost the full content anywhere else on the Internet (i.e. a personal blog), though linking to your posts is encouraged, especially on social media.
  • Content must be free of profanity, sexual language, political endorsements and commentary, op-ed commentary on controversial social and/or political issues and derogatory or inflammatory language.
  • If you have personal images you wish to include, please include as an email attachment; horizontal, hi-res images are best.
  • Guest blog submissions are volunteer-based, but we are happy to include any relevant links in your bio, such as to a personal website or social media.
  • If you wish to write a guest blog promoting a business or service, please fill out the form on our advertising page.

We love creativity, so if you have a great idea please share it! There really aren’t too many limitations to content other than keeping it professional, profanity-free and relevant to moms in the greater Jacksonville area. Remember, we are passionate about all things mom and all things Jacksonville, so ask yourself, “How can I make XYZ topic relevant to one or both of those audiences?”

  • Think LOVE: Write what you love and love what you write.
  • Think LOCAL & SMALL: We love to keep much of our content relevant to the Jacksonville area. Blog posts can feature local small businesses, things to do, events, etc. More general topics such as feeding, potty training, DIY, etc. can be given a local twist simply because they are written by a local mom — YOU! When your content falls into these more generalized topics, look for ways to personalize them and connect you and your family’s experience back to Jacksonville. We do ask that you refrain from promoting businesses with which you have a financial affiliation — we have several partnership opportunities available if you wish to promote a business.
  • Think MOMS: It may sound obvious, but our targeted audience is made up of moms — and largely those with babies and young kids. Content should remain under the broad category of parenting, within which you have several subtopics to choose from: The experience of being a mom, stages and phases of babies and kids, products and tips to make life with kids more fun / easier / better, home management strategies specific to moms, and, of course, any local ideas.
  • Think CATCHY & HUMOROUS: We encourage you to think critically about ways to engage your audience. Some ideas include clever titles that draw people in or spark curiosity (i.e. “The Day Potty Training Went Very Awry” versus “Potty Training Update”) and posing questions to your audience. Give them a reason to respond by asking questions. Perhaps you end the potty-training post with a question such as, “So tell me, what is the worst potty-training accident you’ve had at your house?”

Blog Topic Brainstorming

  • Aim for relevant, timely topics such as notable, non-political news headlines, the time of year, seasons, or holidays.
  • Dig deep and highlight personal stories and experiences of motherhood.
  • Charity Spotlight: Is there a local charity that is close to your heart? We would love to hear about it!
  • True Life: Anonymous posts that include some shock value.
  • On The Road with JM: Highlight a fun weekend road trip idea.
  • Live Like a Local: Feature neighborhoods/areas in the greater Jacksonville area with businesses or hidden gems from the perspective of a true local.

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