PO Box 600076 Jacksonville, Florida

MaidSpot is a residential and commercial cleaning company offering detailed cleans, highly professional trained staff, and great pricing.

We set high standards of customer service and take pride in providing families in our community a work life balance by taking house cleaning off their “to do” list and offering weekday only work for our employees.

Our services include…
1. Residential (whole home)
2. Special (localized to specific rooms or areas)
3. Move-in/ move-out
4. “Mommy’s helper” (ex. dishes, laundry, etc.)
5. Vacation rental
6. Commercial

Our unique pricing charges PER ROOM as opposed to per hour. This allows you, as the customer, to only pay for the rooms that require cleaning. We can customize a plan to suit both your specific needs and budget.

Life Happens….Let Maid Spot clean it up!

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