Kristen grew up in the Midwest and loves that she can now wear flip-flops all year long! She is the mom of nine-year-old football fanatic Zach, clever and crafty seven-year-old Kayte, and the wild and crazy three-year-old Quinn. Kristen loves being a SAHM, as long as that does not involve staying at home much- she is always on the move and a big kid herself! She stays busy volunteering with her kids school, being involved in the MOM’s Club, and staying active with her neighborhood. Working in human resources as a recruiter for 10 years developed her love for being involved and meeting new people. During down time she enjoys DIY projects, perusing Pinterest, live music, date nights, dancing, hanging out with girlfriends, running on the beach and laying in her hammock.

Winning with Children’s Art Classes in Jacksonville

Finding an extracurricular activity that your child is really interested in can be tough. My middle daughter, Kayte, had tried almost everything. Although she liked some and was pretty good at others, we had...

Memo to Middle School Moms: You Got This!

You know the feeling you get while strapped to a rollercoaster that is slowly ticking uphill? When you arrive at the top, just before the giant drop, there is a slight pause. In that...
Mom Play Dates

When Mom Has Her First Play “Date”

Play “Dating” Playdates by definition are “time that parents arrange for their children to play together.” Ironically, 'date' is in the word, and I am about to tell you why. As infants and toddlers, playdates for...

JMB Pumpkin Playdate

Jax Moms Blog and Hover Girl Properties are excited to announce our next playdate!   Isle of Faith Pumpkin Patch is the perfect setting for our next playdate! They do a great job setting up fun...

Back to School = Back to Mom

One of the best things about sending the kids back to school is seeing all the great photos of the first day. Holding their First Day of School sign, with their special outfits, perfectly combed...
Sweet Baby

When Mama is the One Crying

I was sailing through this motherhood thing. I had a boy and then a girl 15 months later. I loved staying at home with them. Sure, there were bad days, but I really loved being...

Pure Life Photography by Laura Davis

Having professional photos taken is a big deal and it gives me a lot of anxiety! I stress over getting coordinating outfits that are not too matchy yet match just enough. I hope my...

Finding Time To Listen!

  I remember pinning this quote and continuing to think about it. I try to listen, but with three kids vying for my ears and all the craziness of life I am 100% sure that I am...
Tot School

Preschool Alternatives: Tot School

When I was deciding on the title for this blog, I found myself searching for the appropriate name. It’s not really homeschool, but more like moms morning out meets a play date with some...

Think Outside the Toy Box this Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching, I took this weekend to “make room” for the upcoming onslaught of toys that will be arriving on Santa’s sleigh, the UPS truck, and from the mailman. The fact...
First Day of School

Don’t Judge Mom by a Facebook Photo!

First day of school picture are looking pretty cute. The chalk board is so Pinterest-worthy! I don’t have it together but thanks to Facebook, it sure looks that way!