Halloween Thrills for Teens and Adults In & Around Jacksonville

Fall & Halloween Events In & Around Jacksonville

Some kids prefer tricks over treats and we say bring it on because we’ve got you covered! Some “kids” also prefer to be called “teens” so let’s go with it and give those almost-grown-ups a scare that has them running for the hills! And since no one ever said parents had to grow out of thrill-seeking, be sure to get a sitter and mark your calendars for all of the haunted fun to be had in and around Jacksonville!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Fall & Halloween Events In & Around Jacksonville

Chantel Beidleman
Born and raised in the Aloha state and a traveling gypsy at heart, Chantel left the nest fresh out of high school and headed off for college in sunny Southern California. Almost a decade later she met and fell madly in love with her hubby who whisked her off to the great Midwest. After five brutal winters in Nebraska, Chantel realized that home will always be where the ocean is (and the snow isn’t), so off to Jacksonville they went, where this Hawaiian girl now spends her days as a stay-at-home wrangler to her two baby bears. Prior to becoming a household CEO, she joyfully spent her time as the Program Assistant Director of a preschool. Digging deep into wellness and health is her jam alongside spontaneous dance parties with her kiddos are what sing to her soul. Chantel is wildly passionate about advocating for her son, who lives with multiple severe food allergies. You can find her out and about on a daily basis as she is a self-proclaimed busy body and loves hitting up the beach or exploring new spots in town while homeschooling her kiddos. If you ever see this fast-paced mama on the go, be sure to say hi because she is always up for meeting new people and making new friends!


  1. Wow thank you so much for this list! I am new to the Jacksonville area and I’m so happy to find out about all of the activities this great city has to offer during my favorite time of the year! Can’t wait for Haunt Nights!


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