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With three littles of her own, Elly knows how it feels to desperately want to hold on to those early years, despite all the sleepless nights. To always remember the way their hair curled, the way they giggle and burst out laughing at the silliest games, or the way their little arms hug you close. This is motherhood; these are the moments we want to hold no matter how big our babies get.

Elly developed her photographic art with a focus on one thing: authentic emotion. Real people, real families, and the way they really interact. You deserve to hold those precious early years for a lifetime. Elly’s goal is for parents to look at her work and truly feel their child’s embrace and hear their sweet giggles. Through her photography, Elly embraces and captures the crazy, silly love shared so it can endure through the years.

Elly’s work has been featured in The Kindred Path, The Carolinas Magazine, Southern Motherhood Magazine, Popsugar, and many other leading industry publications and websites.

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