European Leather Gallery


The Story Behind European Leather Gallery

Owners of European Leather Gallery, Nancy and Dennis Kulm, have been married for more than 25 years. Their discovery of Stressless® furniture was by pure accident. Shortly after moving to Florida in 2001, they saw a Stressless® chair in a restaurant and bought one. About three months later, Dennis, who had a history of terrible back problems realized his back didn’t hurt anymore. Without a doubt, this improvement in his back was a direct result of the Stressless® recliner.

Nancy and Dennis then decided to open their own Stressless® leather gallery. Their boutique is located on Beach Blvd just east of 9A and across from the Florida Community College South Campus. This Gallery is conveniently situated in Jacksonville’s South Side near the University of North Florida and St. Johns Town Center. European Leather Gallery is the largest Ekornes only dealer in the Southeastern United States.

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