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Haute Bébé holds the highest standard in overnight newborn care and sleep consulting services. We are passionate about empowering new parents and helping growing families get the sleep they deserve. Our mission is to provide each family with the utmost care they deserve during this new time in their life.
Alina is an international certified newborn care specialist, lactation counselor, and sleep consultant with over 9 years of experience in newborn care.
CPR certified and background checked.


When I started this journey I had a baby who only coslept and who screamed bloody murder when I put him in the crib. I was skeptical but decided to try a sleep consultant and landed on haute bebe/Alina. I ordered the full package (highly recommend you just invest in this process and do the full deal). She came over, worked her magic on his room (not giving away her secrets, and let me tell you she implemented just a few additions and adjustments and it was like magic). He slept IN his crib from 7am until 430 am on day ONE! And his progress has been amazing. I never thought it would work so well and so fast. Not every baby will be this quick but I am convinced that her process just works. And she is so present and available during the process. I texted her at 4am with a question and she answered me!! Thank you Alina!! Life changing :))

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Gentle sleep training

For two months, I nursed my baby to sleep at night and held her during every nap. She woke every 3 hours to nurse. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and worried that my 8 month old was never going to sleep on her own.

My doctor recommended that I buy some good earplugs and shut the door to the nursery. The thought of abandoning my baby while she screamed in her crib horrified me. So I researched gentle sleep training techniques. In theory it was great, but the instructions were always vague.

Then I found Alina. I invested in her Sleep Complete package and within 1 week my baby was going to bed awake, waking to nurse only once and taking two solid naps during the day–in her crib! By week 3, we were sleeping from 7p-7a and the naps were getting longer.

Alina was available around the clock and guided me through the entire process. She is knowledgeable, funny, kind–you won’t believe what she can help you accomplish or the difference it will make. You will want her to leave her family for yours.

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Sleep Consultant

Alina is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. She is truly passionate about what she does and takes pride in her work. And she works HARD. I didn’t know what to expect when hiring a sleep consultant but she has gone above and beyond. We were desperate and struggling as our then 5-month old high needs baby boy, CJ was nursing all night long and only sleeping on me. She formulated a plan and schedule based on our family. We are only a few weeks in but things have drastically changed for the better. Our sweet boy is able to fall asleep on his own peacefully, sleeps longer stretches and is napping well throughout the day. He’s no longer cranky and crabby all day long and he is blowing through his milestones since he is getting the sleep his little brain needs. The thing I didn’t expect to get out of this process was the support, kindness and friendship. Alina is truly one of a kind and has a special way with babies and people. I highly recommend her!

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Would you pay XXX for a good night sleep!? That is finally the question my husband and I needed to ask each other. We were reaching our limits of sleep deprivation. My 6 month old was still nursing 3-4 times a night and overall restless and unsettled the rest of the time. Additionally he was always waking just a few hours after his initial bed time and waking in the morning at 5-530AM. This was just unsustainable so we reached out to Alina for help! First, she is the sweetest person ever. She took time to speak with both of us and really understand and learn about what our struggles were and what we hoped to achieve (I wasn’t looking to wean completely). She wrote us a detailed schedule and plan to follow. She is extremely detailed and we felt very comfortable with our role and plan moving forward. The first week is VERY HARD! I wish I could be a part of every parents journey in order to support them during this time! It is so hard. But you HAVE TO STICK TO THE PLAN AND THE GUIDELINES and you will be rewarded. 3 weeks later (including a vacation which threw things a bit out of wack) and our baby is going to bed well, nursing 1 time, waking at 630 AM and napping well! Alina provided great support through the process, offered us trouble shooting advise and helped us navigate a vacation in the midst of all of this! I couldn’t be more please and I couldn’t recommend Alina more! If you are reading this, you are struggling, and I just want you to pull the trigger and have a happier baby, happier life and a good nights sleep!!!!

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Overnight Care

Our son was born 2 months premature and Alina started caring for him overnight one week after he came home. It became clear to us that she loves her work, she is dedicated to her client, and she is very trustworthy. Her sleep-conditioning program had our son sleeping through the night by 8 weeks. She gently encouraged our son to sleep for several hours at a time and tailored the program to his needs. We were thrilled at how much he progressed under her guidance.

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