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13770 Beach Blvd Ste. 16 Jacksonville, FL 32224

My Gym has developed an extraordinary program and facility devised to help children 6 weeks thru 13 years of age develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. We have hundreds of locations in more than 30 countries offering structured, age-appropriate, weekly classes that incorporate music, dance, relays, games, special rides, gymnastics, sports and more. Children have loads of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility while developing social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Our state-of-the-art facility, extensively trained staff, award-winning class programs, and excellent student/teacher ratio have earned My Gym the reputation as the best early learning program of its kind.

Birthday Parties!

At My Gym, we do it all! It’s all about your child’s special day, so kick your heels up and get ready for a rockin’ good time! From planning to packing, from playing games to serving pizza and cake, we truly handle everything! Like thinking in advance? My Gym offers discounts for booking your party 4 months in advance!

The Classes are Amazing!!!

I love taking my kids to class! They have so much fun while they learn!! When they say play with purpose they back it up! My kids are so much more advanced after taking them to My Gym Jacksonville!! Coach Spring is their favorite!
They really love the Parent Night out Parties….. Me too 😉

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The Best Place to spend your time & money
  • Heather Garcia reviewed 5 years ago
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Love Love Love this place & the staff!!!!
I am so thankful for My Gym Jacksonville! My daughter is the strong confident girl she is today because of My Gym (and her amazing mom of course;)
The teachers are all so amazing & you can really tell they love what they do!

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GREAT birthday parties

So I’m probably biased, because I used to be a MyGym teacher, but the parties here are the bomb! The staff is so over-the-top excited to celebrate YOUR kid, and they make sure to learn the name of every single party guest that attends. They also customize EVERYTHING for your birthday party and whatever theme you choose — the gym layout, the music, the games, everything. And the grand finale is a parade with a custom-designed “float” where the birthday kid is paraded around the gym with special music playing. It’s awesome!

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My My Gym experiance

I had my children’s birthday party at My Gym of Jacksonville and i must say wow! The staff was amazing and it was just good fun. Very nice atmosphere and clean. Worth every penny, from the games, to the fun activities they do and they handled everything. I would like my child to start going to My Gym on a weekly basis to help keep my child active and to help push his physical and emotional development.

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My Gym is where children learn and grow in a healthy engaging environment

This My Gym is the best of all kids fitness centers. They are dedicated to the enrichment of children in the community. My girls attended classes very young and are now engaged in Basketball and Cheerleading as young adults. The essence of developing our youth is exposing them to this type of challenging physical fitness very early. Olympic Athletes start before they walk. While most children will not compete in the Olympics, they all would benefit from a positive learning experience early. I also learned how to play with my kids. I guess when I grew up, I forgot how to play. Thanks for being a great resource.

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Love Seeing them in the Community

Had an opportunity to see Coach Preston in action at Sheffield Park for the Community First sponsored Jacksonville Moms Blog Park Hop! All of the kids enjoyed practicing their hand stands, tumbling and balancing on the colorful mini domes. He was wonderful with the kids! Very encouraging and gentle while guiding all of the children through the different exercises. I was very impressed with his calm demeanor and his level of patience with each child. He made it seem like each child was the first one he worked with up until the very last child! Can’t wait for my child to have another My Gym experience! Thank you Coach Preston for your time and effort!

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So impressed with MYGYM.
Can’t say enough positive things about it.
All I can say is “Go see for yourself”, I think you’ll be impressed too.

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CaN U SaY aMaZiNg ?!?

I’ve been to all kinds of places 4 my 3 kids & MY GYM is by far aMaZiNg !!

My daughters LOVE going. The staff is super energetic, the facility is spotless & EVERYTIME we go in my daughters are always GREETED by THEIR NAMES and a DIFFERENT LAYOUT for them to explore !

My girls have become more balanced, happy & confident since we joined.

MY GYM is also THE PLACE to have a BIRTHDAY PARTY ! It is so much fun ! The entire party is focused on the birthday girl vs kids playing around all over the place. The staff runs the party for you so you can relax & enjoy your guests. There’s always a new mom that comments how UNIQUE the MY GYM parties are.

You definitely get your BANG FOR YOUR BUCK at MY GYM.

it is THE ONLY PLACE for my kids !

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My Gym is for Dad's too

My daughter loves going and she has become strong and confident because of My Gym.
The coaches have tons of energy and one of the most professional places I have taken her to.

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