The Lax Box

The Lax Box is an indoor/outdoor lacrosse training and sports performance facility. As partners with Body Mechanics Physical Therapy, our staff consists of a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified strength and conditioning specialist, former NCAA athletes and coaches, and experienced local players, coaches, and officials.

Our mission at The Lax Box is simple: GROW THE GAME!
We can’t hide it, we L-O-V-E lacrosse!

We want to help provide as many opportunities as we can within our community for all skill levels, this includes partnering and collaborating as an extension to existing programs and sports organizations. By offering a variety of affordable programs and services, you’ll have more options that can cater to your goals and interest in lacrosse and as an athlete. Here at The Lax Box, we aim to become a local hub in which all lacrosse players and existing programs can participate in the growth and exposure of the game. We extend our mission of growing the game by also creating training and development opportunities for our coaches and officials who are critical to helping lacrosse thrive in our area.

Lacrosse is quickly growing in North Florida and we want to help contribute by not only spreading the love of the game but also by enabling our area to become more competitive and fun to watch! After all, lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet!