Bounce Back Into Fitness

reboundingThink running and cycling are the only options for cardio? Rebounders, formerly known as trampolines, are quickly becoming the fitness world’s most fun form of cardio, and for good reason. The magic happens when your feet fly into the air and your heart rate takes off. This rebounding craze has it all and is suitable for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Then & Now

Traditionally, trampolines were large backyard apparatuses with metal springs and designed for kids to answer how high when asked to jump. Rebounders are essentially mini-trampolines shrunk down to hold only one person. With a smaller base, the focus shifts to bouncing down on elastic springs to create a low-impact but high-intensity workout.

Full Body Fun

Rebounding requires every muscle to be active. Whether you jog, hop forward and back, ski, or hop in and out, the whole body is involved. The core muscles (abdominals and lower back) are engaged to keep the body upright. Plus the quads, hamstrings, and glutes are helping with the spring of the lift and the balance of shifting from one leg to the other. Be it the jiggle or the nostalgia, bouncing is just plain child-like fun. And if a workout has you smiling, it won’t feel like work!


Rebounding is so much more than a bounce. The bed of the trampoline can actually serve as a tool for working the abdominals — imagine a bicycle curl on steroids trying to resist the jiggle of the mini-tramp underneath you. Lunges with one foot on the bed of the rebounder are spicy, serving up a challenging combo of instability and height. Or try tricep dips by placing your hands on the edge of the tramp. If you can’t tell, I could go on and on. The pandemic really revolutionized online fitness, there is no shortage of rebounder workouts.

Bones Density Builder

For women, bone density tops out in our 30s, so it is up to you to engage in activities that will help combat the natural decline as we age. Bouncing stresses the muscles in a healthy way that causes the bone cells to keep on growing. Add in some resistance training with a set of dumbbells while rebounding, and it becomes the holy grail of workout: strength, resistance, and cardio simultaneously. As if that isn’t good enough, rebounding also encourages lymphatic drainage. Simply put, circulation increases when you bounce, activating quicker flushing of the lymph system which removes all the crud from our cells… crud like even cancerous cells!!!

Yes, You Can

I truly believe everyBODY can bounce. With the right attitude, patience, and maybe even a little perseverance, people of all shapes and sizes can rebound. Give yourself some grace because you are not a kid anymore. Many newbies fear falling. My best advice is to keep your legs and slow to start. Focus on pressing your feet down almost through the bed of the trampoline. As with any new skill, consistency is key. Hop on a few times a week, and give yourself rest between jumping intervals. Like a runner who runs for two minutes and walks for one, apply the same logic to the mini-tramp.

Jump on the rebounding trend, and you will surely reap the benefits on the inside and out!

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Mary-Lauren is a curly-haired Texan in the trenches of motherhood with two sassy and entertaining daughters. A busy body in the truest sense, she teaches fitness classes all week at Define Jacksonville. To stay sane, Mary-Lauren requires a daily dose of dark chocolate, unwinds with a page-turner and folds laundry watching just the kind of reality TV that she will forbid her girls from watching in the future. A wannabe foodie, she loves to learn about, prepare, experiment and indulge in all things food…well except the shopping part with kids in tow. She blogs about all things fitness from debunking the latest trends to goal setting, Mary-Lauren is passionate about being active, being real and being healthy!


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