Why I Chose a Golf Cart Over a Minivan

Some women love driving around town with a car full of kids running from soccer to ballet in their exteriorly shiny yet interiorly stained-with-food minivan, but I’m just not one of them.

In fact, I strategically plan out my weeks as a stay-at-home mom to ensure that I only lug my kids into my SUV  two, sometimes max three, times per week. My kids and I are just not car riders, so running around stopping from errand to errand is a surefire recipe for tears from any one of us.

Even before our move to the suburbs of a small town like Nocatee, I knew a minivan wasn’t in our near future. I had really considered swapping in the old car we’ve had for years to get a new one with great features. Sure, it’s nice to have automatic doors, a third row of seating and cool extras like a TV, but we decided to keep our old yet perfectly functioning SUV to get my real desired mom car: a golf cart.

Meet my dream mom car: a golf cart.

I sometimes pinch myself feeling like we moved to Pleasantville because of the amount of places that my family and I can drive to on our golf cart. School, church, the pool,  restaurants, our gym and the grocery store are our normal cart routes. But when illness throws a wrench in our plans, we can still get to our medical providers like our dentists, our eye doctors, the pediatrician and our family care doctor within a 10-minute golf cart ride.

And the best part of golf-carting around town with two boys, aged four and two? They love it — they actually want to ride in the golf cart. No more screaming to hurry up and get in the car. No more complaining that their five-point harnesses are too tight or that they can’t reach a snack that they dropped in the backseat (purposely).

I fully understand how blessed we are to have this mode of transportation available to us. Moms who have secured a job across town must make the daily trek in the car with their young kiddos, and I’m sure it can be draining for all. And if I didn’t have the opportunity to stay in town through the week, you would likely see me across town car shopping for a new ride.

But for us, our golf cart-filled days are simplified and feel more enjoyable as we take in the fresh air. Will I ever cave and buy a minivan? This mom says no, but I guess you should never say never. For now, I will enjoy the views as I cart around instead of focusing on rushing to the destination.

Meg James
Meg is a Jersey native, wife to Logan, her Jacksonville University sweetheart, and stay-at-home mom to two young boys, Landon and Griffin. She has been active in the Jacksonville moms club scene since the birth of her first son. After moving and falling in love with Nocatee, she created The Real Housemoms of Nocatee, a resident moms group with over 1200 members. Meg enjoys working out at Trinity Fitness Ponte Vedra and committing her husband to continuous house projects. After breast cancer touched six women & men in her family as of 2015, Meg decided to stop the cycle by having a preventative double mastectomy. You can follow her prevention journey on her blog at Bravery without BRCA. Beginning in 2017, Meg formed Trekking Twice, a Christian family travel blog documenting the two treks per year that her family embarks on after conducting extensive research on the best trips for families with young kids.


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