Just Call Me Old School Mix Tape

If you have kids from Gen Z or Gen Alpha then you’ve probably heard the following words: Skibbidy, Rizz, Cap, Mewing, Cringe, Bet, and Bussin’, just to name a few.

When I hear my kids using these words, it makes me giggle because they are not quite at the age where they want to keep it a secret from me. In fact, they enjoy telling me when I ask and role-playing if needed to fully get the explanation across. I went from Bruh to Brah to BROTHER, and I immediately thought it was a reference to Hulk Hogan — and then when I mentioned that to my kids, they immediately replied UM, NO. So now, I am not only Brah and Bruh, I’m BROTHER. Usually called this when I’m fussing at them about something lighthearted, and they tell me to HOLD ON, BROTHER. I love that my family is close, and we all talk about these silly things together because I know that might change as they get older. Right now, they say I’m a “W,” which means I’m a winner, I guess? Acceptable as somewhat “cool” even, but there are certainly times that I get called “cringe.” Just wait until they get girlfriends — they haven’t seen cringe, yet!

All of these new slang terms got me thinking, am I old school now like how I thought the generation before me was? The answer to that would be a resounding YES, and I don’t mind that. I got made fun of the other day for preferring a paper calendar instead of using my phone calendar. For me, I will remember things better if I physically write them down, and I enjoy turning the pages and seeing the entire month at a glance (and not from a teeny tiny phone screen).

I still prefer paper books instead of E-books, and records, tapes, and CDs bring a certain nostalgia to me of growing up in the ’80s and ’90s — also referred to now as the 1900s. I love that one because I am proud to have grown up in the ’90s. I suppose every generation would say this, but I really feel like growing up and being a teenager in the ’90s was the best. We had some of the best music (in my opinion), and everything was pre-internet and pre-cell phone. Think about what you were doing when bands like Guns N’ Roses, Pearl Jam, Sublime, Smashing Pumpkins, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, or Nirvana released albums. Do you remember when Gwen Stefani belted out “I’M JUST A GIRL”? Of course, you do, and it was the new anthem for all of us ’90s girls in our generation, just like Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” was during the previous generation.

So, now that I’m an adult and stuck in my ’90s ways, I realize I have become one of those people I saw when I was younger, who refused to use a debit card and would still handwrite checks in the checkout line. You know I would eye-roll those “old people” who wouldn’t just get with the times, and here I sit on my old-school pedestal preaching about how back in my day we didn’t have E-bikes, we had to use our legs to pedal a bike to school.

I love it though, that every new generation brings an appreciation of certain things you had and didn’t have. No caller ID, no social media, we had payphones and pagers (we also called them beepers), and the cool thing to do was to page someone certain numbers that looked like a word — usually it was a bad one because we thought that was funny. It also makes you appreciate the creativity and carefreeness of being a kid and having your whole future in front of you. On the flip side, some things remain the same, just only now with some tweaks. Playing video games (VR headsets), listening to your favorite music on headphones (AirPods and Bluetooth) bike rides on summer nights (some E-bike), meeting up with your friends on a Friday night for a movie, or meeting up at the local hangout spot with the crew just to laugh and be a teenager.

Am I old school? You bet your darn E-bike riding you-know-what I am, and I will continue to be proud of that as I show these new school kids of mine who really has all the RIZZ in this family and where they got theirs from! They got it from their mama. YESSSIRR!

What are some of your “old school” memories from growing up?

Hiliary King
Hiliary is a Jacksonville native who currently resides in Jacksonville Beach. Married, mom of two active boys. When she’s not at work she’s either at the local skate park with her boys or cheering them on from the bench at their local Brazilian jiu jitsu gym. Hiliary loves working out, skating with her husband and boys , surfing, roller blading, paddle boarding, coffee dates with friends, animals, nature, and basically anything outdoors! Look for her cruising around the beach in her golf cart or at the local skate park in Jax Beach cruising on her skateboard!


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