Hello Summer, Goodbye Elementary School!

We are days away from the school year ending, and man-oh-man are my kids ready —  especially my 5th grader! GOODBYE, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

How did we get here so fast? I’m not ready. My 5th grader, however, is very much ready!

We’ve got summer camps lined up, summer trips to be taken, staying up late, hanging out with friends, beach and skate time, and just general warm weather, no-school fun to be had. It’s a beautiful thing.

But all I can think about is my eldest leaving elementary school, and starting his new “era” in the fall — middle school. And that has me all in my feelings.

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My eldest is ready for his new era, but I am not. I have all these worries rushing through my head, and I only want him to have a positive experience just like any parent does. But I have been told that 6th grade is the toughest, most awkward, and transforming grade of them all, and then I realize I am also in a new era. The one where I must learn to stay out of it and not jump in and try to fix it all the time. That will be a big challenge for me! I am not a fan of this era.

elementary school
elementary school

I can see the transformation slowly happening with my oldest, just in the things he likes to do and the things he likes to talk about now. That short window of “still an elementary kid but ready for bigger kid things” happening right before my eyes. I know he is more than ready and capable of handling himself and tough situations in school, but my goal is to keep open communication with him and be involved in his schooling and activities so that he feels comfortable coming to me with any questions or concerns.

“Just don’t shut me out,” I think to myself. “Just please, whatever you do, don’t shut me out.” “Talk to me if you need me. I will fight for you. I promise.”

That’s when I have the other thought — that maybe he doesn’t need me to fight for him, he can fight his battles on his own. See, I told you this is going to be a challenge for me.

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After that, it’s a hope and prayer and a hail Mary that we will survive what is to come this fall with the new school year, and I know in my heart it will be okay, but it’s our job as moms to worry about these things, right? This is the part I mentioned, where I have to learn to let go a little, embrace the evolution of parenting that is coming my way, trust my kid’s gut, and trust that I have prepared him well to make sound decisions and do the right thing.

So for now, I am just going to put those worries on pause and enjoy this very brief window of “still an elementary kid but ready for bigger kid things” this summer, and focus on all the fun that is ready to be had!

Elementary school, you have been good to us. You taught us how to problem solve, become more responsible and independent, tap into our creativity, and explore new interests. Now it is time to take what you have taught us and catapult that into more independent thinking, problem-solving, and exploration of new thoughts, ideas, and feelings. For now, though, we’re going to take the summer off.

Hello summer, goodbye elementary school. It’s the end of an era. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Hiliary King
Hiliary is a Jacksonville native who currently resides in Jacksonville Beach. Married, mom of two active boys. When she’s not at work she’s either at the local skate park with her boys or cheering them on from the bench at their local Brazilian jiu jitsu gym. Hiliary loves working out, skating with her husband and boys , surfing, roller blading, paddle boarding, coffee dates with friends, animals, nature, and basically anything outdoors! Look for her cruising around the beach in her golf cart or at the local skate park in Jax Beach cruising on her skateboard!


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