Allie Leweke

Allie never would have guessed that she’d be calling Jacksonville, Florida home, but here she is! A midwest native, she’s lived in Indiana, New York City, Jax, Chicago and has now returned to the First Coast with her family—husband Jonny, two toddlers, Adair & Fitz, and an ageless cockapoo. Her professional history and range of passions is as all-over the map as her home bases. With degrees in musical theatre and journalism, Allie has worked both as Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader (go ROAR!) and, most recently, a senior content strategist. She loves being a mom more than anything in the world (even wine) and is excited to be sharing the ups and downs of her journey with you.

Putting CBD to the Test: A Skeptic’s Experiment

CBD. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by this point, right? We’ve even discussed it here before, with our very own (adorably-named) Allie Testoni testifying to its vast benefits. I’m not one to be...
traveling with toddlers

6 Steps to a Stress-Free Flight with Toddlers

Step 1: Make a detailed plan. Step 2: Throw it in the garbage. Step 3: Set expectations. Step 4: Cut them in half. Step 5: Lower them just a little more. Step 6: Have a cocktail and board your...

Finding Gratitude After Miscarriage (and Why I Had to Do It)

I heard something on a podcast recently that made me pause: apparently, the only way to truly let something go, to forgive someone or something, is to find gratitude for it. So perhaps finding...

I Finally Let My Husband Be a Dad (And You Should, Too)

To clarify: This article isn’t about the disparate amount of responsibility that falls squarely onto a mother’s shoulders and why that’s not fair. (Though it generally does, and it’s really not.) This article is...
Mother breastfeeding baby

10 Thoughts All Moms Will Have While Breastfeeding

Boy, oh, boy, nothing grabs peoples’ attention faster than a set of boobs, huh? Everyone’s got an opinion about what new mamas should be doing with their breasts and the milk that, in theory,...

Hello, Miscarriage: 5 Thoughts on Losing a Pregnancy That Will Likely Be My Last

As I sit here, glass of wine in hand, babies asleep upstairs, I consider myself in a truly fortunate position to be writing about losing yet another pregnancy. I’m still two for five, you...

The 10 ComMOMdments of Solid Friendships

Fact: Mamas are not always very nice to each other and I wish that we, the stronger sex, could join our forces more often than we do. It might be hard to do when...

The Only Article About Moms Drinking Wine You Should Actually Read

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a mom who has clinked her glass at one of the millions of boozy-mom memes that permeate every corner of the Internet. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re...

Stop Talking to Your Kids So Much

Act 1, Scene 1: 4-Year-Old, shouting (or his regular voice since they’re the same): I don’t want to put my shoes on! 2019 Mom, calmly with cheer and understanding: I see that you’re frustrated and aren’t...