Emily Harrison

Emily was born and raised in Houston, TX but has called sunny Florida home for 8 years. She met her husband at Texas A&M then married in the small town of Wimberly. They have two children, Sophie (9) and Graham (4) as well as an old dog named Todd and a new puppy, Hunter! As a family, they are always on the go and love being outdoors. When Emily has a moment to herself she enjoys coffee in a quiet house while watching tik tok dances she will never be able to do. On the weekends you can find her watching her kids play sports then enjoying a cold one near the water with friends. She strongly believes that laughter, a healthy dose of sarcasm, and a positive outlook on life can help in any situation. Emily has tackled being a stay at home mom then was a preschool teacher turned recruiter with a strong passion for business development. While she embraces the almost 5-year gap of her kids, a traveling husband, a busy career, and no laws when drinking claws she remembers the importance of slowing down and enjoying this stage of life before they are no longer little.

2020 Can Suck It

If you haven’t felt the effects of this year, then please find something else to read. This is not for the person who is #blessed or feeling like they have become the best version...
supporting teachers

Hey Teach, How Can We Help? Supporting Teachers During a Pandemic

The overwhelming school year of 2020–2021 has begun, and somehow I feel like we are already two years into it. There are so many emotions running high from both parents and kids. We have...