Jess Dinney

Jess Dinney is a Florida transplant who grew up in New York but has been living in Jacksonville for 8 years. After working as a corporate event planner and conference manager for 14 years, Jess is now a full-time stay-at-home mom to her 1-year-old twins. In her free time (wait, twin toddlers, what is free time?) Jess loves spending time outdoors with her wife and kids, going to Jags games, and trying out new restaurants around town. Follow her on Instagram @doublethedinneys for the low-down on twin mom life, LGBTQ advocacy, local food tours, and more!
another kid

Do I Want Another Kid?

I am so very fortunate to have two incredible children. Twins, in fact! One boy and one girl. The ideal scenario, people constantly tell me. They truly are my pride and joy, and I...
coming out

‘Coming Out’ Happens More Than Once

Many people have the misconception that "coming out" is a one-time conversation, and while those very first times you talk about it out loud are usually the hardest, having to "out" yourself to strangers...
wife appreciation

Wife Appreciation: Cheers to You, Ladies!

I will start off by saying that I am writing this wife appreciation blog post from an interesting position. I both am and have a wife! And she is one incredible wife — the...

Yay, I’m Pregnant! Now What?

There they are — those two pink lines you’ve been waiting for! You’ve been dreaming about being pregnant, and it’s finally happened! But now what?? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a first-time mom when...
traveling with toddlers

10 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Summertime is in full swing, which for many people is prime time for family vacations! Actually, let’s rephrase that to family “trips.” Coming from a mom of 16-month-old twins, traveling with toddlers is rarely...

How to Be a Fabulous LGBTQ Ally (and Not Just During June)

The month of June has arrived, and for most people, that signifies the start of summer BBQs and pool parties — but for many in the queer community, it means a month of celebrating...

When You Don’t Get The Birthing Experience of Your Dreams

Most people don’t go into pregnancy expecting it to end in a c-section. If they’re anything like me, they expect to get the “full birthing experience” of actually pushing your baby out into the...