More Than Just PB&J: Beating the Lunch Box Rut

Did you hear that? Finally, the lunch bell. I am starving. I wonder what is packed in my lunch box? You can hear it now, the thoughts that may go on in your child’s brain waiting to sit down, socialize and eat lunch. We all want our children to excel in school and one way we can help our little sponges is to fuel their brain by providing them with a healthy lunch. I have to admit that I do not look forward to creating a delicious masterpiece each morning but I sure do get excited when that box comes back empty. I feel like I earned my healthy lunch badge. There are a variety of options that you can open in a pinch or grab from the refrigerator section in the grocery store to make this daily task quick and easy. The brightly colored processed food may call your name but it will not provide the nutrients that your super learners need. Try to stay clear of the processed food and create a colorful, dye and preservative-free, satisfying lunch that will supply the energy needed to work on those tough common core math problems!2015-01-30 07.04.54-1 What is a healthy lunch and why do our children need one? A healthy lunch is colorful and full of flavor in a healthy, natural way. There are a variety of food groups that provide nutrition and look appealing to our children. Combine food to make eating lunch fun. Here are a few of my favorite lunch ideas to create a healthy lunch. Pick one from each column and you will have a balanced lunch for your child. JMBLunch

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Don’t forget to keep to things cold with ice packs or insulated containers. We don’t want anyone to get sick! There are a variety of fun collections to choose from that your kiddos will love. Check out Kacey’s post 6 Items to Liven up Your Kid’s Lunchbox! We want our children to continue learning throughout the day and maintain consistent blood sugar levels. Did you hear that? The bell. Lunch is over and it’s time to continue our day with a full, healthy belly.

Rachel is a Florida native who grew up in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Area before settling in St. Augustine. She began working in the business industry and decided to change careers and teach elementary education. This was an “ah ha” moment and she found her true passion, helping others. As her family grew she decided she wanted to stay at home and begin her career as a college professor. When she is not helping others, she is creating healthy food and a natural environment for her little girls as a single mommy.



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