Rediscovering the Heart of Yoga: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

International Yoga DayInternational Yoga Day falls on June 21 every year, making for a perfect time to remind yourself to breathe, stretch, and find some tranquility in your day. It is recognized on a global scale and is a day dedicated to our health, wellness, and mindfulness. Who doesn’t want to celebrate that?

I find myself reflecting on my personal journey with this ancient practice that has been both my sanctuary and my solace. Yoga entered my life as a form of healing, a path to physical and mental strength after a lifetime of battling hip dysplasia and numerous surgeries. It was my lifeline, guiding me toward a future where motherhood seemed possible, even with the challenges my body had faced.

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Through retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings, I delved deep into the teachings of yoga, finding not only physical resilience but also inner peace and confidence. Teaching yoga and meditation became my new calling, a way to share the transformative power of this practice with others. There’s nothing I loved more than teaching others to love themselves as they are and inspire them to live life as their best selves.

When motherhood embraced me, I thought my love for yoga would only grow stronger. However, a shift occurred within me, a subtle change that left me feeling disconnected from the practice that once defined me. The pressures of caring for another life clouded my passion, turning something sacred into a routine task.

I found myself questioning the authenticity of yoga in a world where social media flaunted a distorted image of what it should be. You’ve seen it: Male or female yogis scantily clad in over-priced Lycra yoga gear, doing inversions and arm balances giving full crotch-shots “for the ‘gram” in front of a waterfall or on a mountain top. The Hot-Power-Goat-Glow-Flow Yoga class wasn’t doing it for me. I was over it. I was bitter and sarcastic. Trendy yoga wasn’t for me.

It was a moment of reckoning, a realization that my judgment and resistance were not aligned with the core principles of yoga. In a practice that preaches acceptance and non-judgment, I had lost my way, my roots, allowing external influences to tarnish the purity of my own experience.

Yet, amidst this turmoil, a new understanding emerged. I learned to embrace the evolving nature of my yoga practice, to accept that it may not always look the same or serve the same purpose. Just as I had taught my students for years (funny how that works). I discovered the beauty in finding stillness within, away from the noise of expectations and comparisons.

Today, as I navigate the ebb and flow of my yoga journey, I choose to honor the essence of the practice that first spoke to my soul. It is no longer about performing flashy poses or seeking external validation, but about nurturing a sacred space within myself, where acceptance and authenticity reign supreme.

So, as I step onto my mat on this International Day of Yoga, I do so with a gentle, renewed sense of purpose and self-compassion. I carry with me the lessons of my past, the struggles, and the triumphs, as I continue to rediscover the heart of yoga in its purest, most genuine form. And in this epiphany of rediscovery, I find peace, gratitude, loving-kindness, and a deep sense of belonging.


Mischelle Storm
Mischelle Storm was born & raised in Texas but just can’t seem to stay away from the First Coast. She married her best friend, Allan, whom she has known since elementary school. Besides the major last name upgrade, Allan gave Mischelle two adorable and active boys. Mischelle is passionate about all things, mindfulness, holistic wellness, & yoga. She is adventurous and loves to try new things –– like the latest adventure of living in a 200 sq ft tiny home on 10 acres in the middle of the TX hill country! This diverse Mama can be found sipping either a green smoothie or a Tequila and soda, eating Thai food with her fam, or riding her Peloton –– not all necessarily at the same time.


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