The Beauty of Day Dates

day datesWhen my husband and I first started dating almost 15 years ago, our first date was a bit unconventional. Instead of the typical evening dinner date, we met at a college soccer game. Our second “date” was a meetup at the local Barnes & Noble where we sipped iced coffees and sat in an aisle asking each other questions from a book we’d found. It wasn’t until our third date that we finally dressed up and went out to dinner for sushi (of course, one of the most awkward-to-eat date foods).

While we still love a night out now and then, with two kids and full-time jobs, we’ve come to realize why the benefits of day dates far outweigh evening events: 

Built-In Childcare

If you’re a working mama with a partner who also works, you likely have childcare arrangements during the week for your kiddo(s). Whether you send your kids to daycare, have a family member watch them, or are at the amazing stage when your kids are in school, take advantage of it! Take a day off of work with your significant other without having to worry about getting a sitter. 

It’s Cheaper

If you’re skipping the babysitter, you’ve already saved a good chunk of change. But, day dates, in general, tend to be less expensive than evenings out. Think about just eating out at a restaurant — lunch menus tend to have smaller portions (which is ideal for me) and a lower price point. And, you can often find low or no-cost activities during the day like hiking, going to a bookstore, or strolling through a museum.

There Are More Options

Nothing against dinner and a movie, but evening date options are often pretty limited. Many potential date spots that are more experiential close by 6 p.m., and it’s still getting dark by 7 p.m. Unless you enjoy not being able to see your date during your long walk on the beach (no judgment here), day dates are the way to go.

You Have More Energy

I don’t know about you, but most nights the only thing I feel like doing is curling up and binge-watching a new show. I’m exhausted by nighttime, so getting dressed up and going out is not really my jam much anymore. But, give me a day date that includes going back to bed after the kiddos are at school and I am one happy camper. 

Which leads me to…

You Get More Done

Romantic dates are great, but sometimes just spending time alone with my husband doing normal, everyday tasks is a treat. We enjoy being productive, and sometimes larger house projects require the better part of a day (date) to complete. You can really bond with your partner during an IKEA trip in preparation for an organization project. It’s like an escape room, BUT IN REAL LIFE. Your reward is that you don’t kill each other.

It’s Less Pressure

But, one of the best things about day dates is the flexibility to really do whatever you want. If you’re not paying for childcare and you have the whole day to yourself, there’s no pressure to plan ahead or get dolled up. Want to spend the day in bed? Go for it! Feel like strolling the beach with an iced coffee and your boo? Sounds lovely. 

What is your ideal way to spend a day date?

Born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, Blair took a leap of faith in 2018 and moved her family to Jacksonville to pursue her dream job. She's been enjoying the change of scenery and beach proximity with her supportive husband, Kevin, and their two boys, Donovan and Emory, who they lovingly refer to as "Night and Day." An alum of Florida State University (Go Noles!), Blair started her college career in Music Education, ended it in English Literature and Communications, and eventually found herself in the world of marketing and design. She's now been immersed in agency life for over a decade, and can't imagine it any other way! A self-proclaimed extrovert, Blair loves meeting new people and is excited to find her "mom friends" in Jacksonville. She balances her love of food and drink with the occasional workout class, and is always planning the next "fun thing" for her family to enjoy.


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