Allie Testoni

Allie Testoni
Allie has been with the Jacksonville Mom team since 2017. After a few life changes, she moved with her two daughters and dog down to Florida to start over again. Always up for a margarita and tacos, and some sarcastic humor, Allie likes to find the funny in her everyday life, share her thoughts on everyday topics, and give you some great recommendations on what and where to eat.
school choice

We All Screwed Up

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year...” They all went back TO SCHOOL! As the last of the kids in our area began their school year, in every different method, in every different...

Poptails End-of-Summer Series with The Hyppo: Irresistible Recipes

With summer coming to a close, as it was just feeling like the kids would never return to school (either virtually or in-person), The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops and Jacksonville Mom wanted to step...

Calling All Straight White Moms: It’s Time To Be Allies

Hello, June. It’s Pride Month. You may have overlooked this celebration, given that the world is in such a state of disarray, and you have probably been affected by something, in some way. Can...
cinco de mayo

Cinco de Quarantino: The Ultimate Taco Tuesday

We are home, we are bored, and we have forgotten which day of the week it may or may not be. Not this day though, this day we will NOT bypass. This day we...

That Mom Who CBDs

When I was in college, my anxiety — because of life circumstances — became a prevalent aspect of my life. At the time, I felt overwhelmed, scared and alone. It was the early 2000s...

Podcasts Are the New Mixed CD

You’re 13 years old and driving in the car with your father. He has AM radio on (you remember AM radio don’t you? Go away, younger millennials, I am not explaining this). There are...

Straight Mom, LGBT+ Ally

“I don’t care who you choose to love, just make sure they are not a jerk.” This is something I have said to my kids for as long as they have walked this earth. They...

Daughters, Please Know This…

In light of much that has happened in the last few years for women and girls, the good and the bad, I want my daughters to know a few important things. We have so...

Oddly Therapeutic

As a mother, heck, as a woman… as a human being, I look for things that will bring me some calm and peace during a hard day or week. I’m not talking massages or...

The Ultimate Jacksonville Brunch Bucket List

They (whoever they are) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What is failed to be mentioned is, that brunch is. (Go ahead and try to change my mind.) People...
This Wasn't In the Divorce Handbook

This Wasn’t In the Divorce Handbook

When you go to get a divorce, you are given ENDLESS documents and paperwork. Everything is in writing, and in the words of Stevie Wonder, “Signed, sealed, delivered... I’M YOURS!” Well, technically you end...

Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back with Cryotherapy

I am a woman who works out regularly(ish). By no means am I a gym rat, or one of those people who gets excited to workout. I get the job done, and there is...