Amber Junker

Amber is a wife, a full-time stepmom, a passionate food blogger, and a proud voice-over talent. Growing up in the small town of Penney Farms, Florida, she was always too much of a princess for her hometown but too Penney Farms to fit in anywhere else and was nicknamed the Penney Farms Princess. Hardworking and poised, she now proudly wears the ‘crown’ of Penney Farms Princess. Follow her for recipes, restaurant reviews, a little fitness & real life along the way.

Mother’s Day Is Hard

Listen to the audio track here... Jacksonville Mom · Mothers Day is Hard Mother’s Day is meant to be a day of celebration. A day of honoring our mothers, and our own journey as a mother,...

Life As a Stepmom

Falling in love with the man of your dreams does not mean that you will fall in love with his children, or be besties with his ex-wife. Some do, and that’s wonderful! But for...

Life After Miscarriage

I said it. Miscarriage. It’s an awful word. It’s uncomfortable to talk about, and an even more devastating thing to experience. When my husband and I decided to try to have a baby, we...

Wine Not? A Simple Guide to All Things Wine

Listen to the audio track here... Jacksonville Mom · Wine Not Wine can be intimidating — both to select and to discuss. We’ve all heard, at one time or another, people chatting about grape varieties, special...