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Guest Blogger
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Christmas Nadia Jones

Four Christmas Staycation Ideas for Jacksonville Families

With Christmas less than a month away, some Jacksonville moms are putting finishing touches on the pending holiday trip. For those moms not traveling, they may be wondering what they’ll do with their little...

An Adoptive Mom’s Story: The Road to Love

December 29, 2006. This is the night I met my future husband, Peter, and the night we had our first conversation about our own individual desires to eventually adopt a child. I can’t speak...

Skip Movie Night — It’s Time for a Book Night!

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald On the first day of November, National Family Literacy Day is celebrated across the country, focusing on the importance of getting the whole family involved...
Family Pic

An Adoptive Mom’s Story: How I “Got” My Kids!

There’s a great quote from Valerie Harper that I really love: “Motherhood is a miracle no matter how it comes to you.” For me, it came through adoption. From the time I was a young...

8 Halloween Safety Tips for Jacksonville Families

Halloween in the south is very different than in other parts of the country. In Jacksonville, like in other warmer climates, some of the tips you find on the typical Halloween safety lists just...

A Mom’s Guide to Jacksonville Birthing Centers

My first birth took place in the same place most births do. Hospital room, surrounded by my awesome husband, very sweet nurses and a competent, caring doctor who delivered my baby with expert hands....

Remembering Sydney

Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: the NFL wears pink, the American Cancer Society promotes the cause, Facebook has random campaigns to get people to make their profile pictures pink,...