How to Make an EASY Burlap Wreath

Hello, Jax Moms Blog readers. I am so happy to be back here sharing another project with you. This project is so easy, I can not believe this was my first time making one, and it definitely won’t be my last! There are minimal supplies and no sewing, gluing, painting or power tools involved. And guess what? I started and finished it while the baby was napping!

Here is a picture of my finished wreath. This wreath is plain. I added some embellishments to it which I will show later. You can add anything you want to suit your home and décor, or leave it as is. It looks great both ways.

Burlap Wreath

I found a really awesome You Tube Video that shows how easy this is to make. I am such a visual learner that this was great. They also have a website you can check out if pictures are more your thing. Click here to see the video.

These were my supplies:

Burlap Wreath

I bought 2 yards of burlap off the bolt because I liked the color. It would be easier to buy burlap ribbon. I cut mine into strips 6 inches wide, so I would buy at least 4 in wide ribbon, 6 in if you find that. I used most of the material, with about ¼ yard leftover.

I bought everything at Hobby Lobby except the wire form.

Burlap = $4.79 (using 40% coupon)

Red raffia = $3.99

Wire form = 50 cents at a yard sale

I had floral wire and wreath hanger

So I made this for less than $10

Here it is not quite finished. Look how great it already looks!

Burlap Wreath

This is a view from the back. You can see where I had to tie in multiple places because I did not have one continuous strip (like you would if you used the burlap ribbon). I think the slight inconvenience of this far outweighs getting a wreath in the color that I want.

Burlap Wreath

When I finished, I hung it on my front door. Just the splash of sunshine I want for spring!

Burlap Wreath

Burlap Wreath

I decided to add a cross my son made to the center. I also wanted to add some color to the edges using the raffia I bought. I did not hang it with the canvas ribbon because it was too thick to fit at the top of the door. If I hung it on an interior mirror, it would work just fine. What you decide to add is totally up to you.

Burlap Wreath


Burlap Wreath

I hope you are inspired to make your own! Happy Spring!

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