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Embracing My Black Beauty: ‘Every Strand and Every Coil Is Perfect’

Ten years ago, when I went natural, not only did I let go of products that carried harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde — but I also left behind self-hate. See for me,...
water safety

Staying Safe and Having Fun Around Water This Summer

School’s out for the summer, which means families are gearing up to spend more time by the pool, at the beach, and on the river. Because Jacksonville offers more beachfront than any other city...

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Prepares Children for Kindergarten

Ninety percent of a child's brain develops by age 5. Although the brain continues to develop into adulthood, the early years build a foundation for future learning. A child's experience with other people and...

Addressing the Youth Vaping Epidemic in Duval County

The rapid increase of e-cigarette use, or vaping, among youth is a serious issue. In fact, the FDA and the U.S. Surgeon General have declared youth vaping a nationwide epidemic. Parents and educators in...
gifted kids

Why Do Gifted Kids Avoid Asking for Help?

“I don’t like asking questions in class because a lot of the teachers tell us we should already know the material.” As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I began to become furious after I heard...
once upon a room

Bringing Smiles to Local Pediatric Patients One Room At a Time

No matter your child’s age or reason for being admitted to Wolfson Children’s Hospital, it is never easy or enjoyable. Hospital rooms are set up for medical purposes — they aren’t meant to feel...
seasonal allergies

Summer Health Tips: Swimmer’s Ear and Seasonal Allergies… Oh, My!

Whether your kids are home for summer, on a much-needed family vacation, or away at day or overnight camp, keep these tips in mind to ensure that your young ones stay safe and healthy...
table manners

Mom Says, Mind Your… Table Manners!

Nothing says more about a person than his or her table manners, and there is no better place — or possibly worse place — to make an impression than at the table. Whether meeting...
foster care

Hope Multiplies: Our Foster Care Story + How You Can Help

I always admired friends who had career aspirations. Some wanted to be a nurse or get business degrees in college. Many went off to school and did just that. I never knew what I...

Are You Really Listening to Your Kids?

We all think that we support our kids, but all too often we hear them tell us that they don’t think that we are listening to them. As parents, we often hear the common...
gifted kids

When Will Gifted Kids Ever Be Good Enough? 

Who are these gifted kids and teens? These are kids who enjoy expressing themselves through the arts, academics, or in other ways. I consider all children gifted, as every child has unique talents, skills,...
school choice

National School Choice Week: Finding the Best Education Option for Your Child

Just when I figured out the best approach to parenting my firstborn, her brother came along. Surely, I could apply the same parenting strategies with him that I learned from the previous two-and-a-half years? Boy, was...