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Wolfson Children’s Hospital is the only hospital just for kids in the North Florida and South Georgia region, providing care for children of all ages with congenital heart conditions, cancer, neurological disorders, orthopedic conditions, behavioral health disorders, and more.
Toys for Special Needs

How to Select the Right Toys for Your Child with Special Needs

It’s the time of year when toy shopping is at the top of most of our to-do lists, which means many of us are scrambling around looking for the perfect doll or game for...
Wolfson Pediatric ER

Saving Baby Phillip :: The Importance of a Pediatric ER

When 10-month-old Phillip Simmons gets to an age when he can understand, his mother Mary Hunstein has a story to tell him about the day his life was saved when he was only four...

Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan for Your Family

With the Affordable Care Act’s implementation of the Health Insurance Marketplace for 2014, more individuals, families, and small businesses have health care coverage than ever before. The Marketplace provides a set of government-regulated and...

Oakleaf Girl on Type 1 Diabetes: It’s All About Good Nutrition!

Xoe Brown knows more about food than most kids her age. Diagnosed with severe food allergies at the age of 2, Xoe had to avoid practically everything from citrus to peanuts, bananas to diary,...
Room Sharing Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep for Babies

As childbirth educators, one thing we've realized is that expectant couples eagerly preparing for the birth of a baby have a lot on their minds! They take classes to prepare for labor, breastfeeding classes,...
Fall Sports

Keeping Kids in the Game Safely

Now that your kids are back in school, many fall sports have started up again. All parents want their kids to be active and to enjoy participating in the activities they love but worry...

Wolfson Children’s Hospital: Experts in Imaging Gently for Kids of All Sizes

Because kids and accidents seem to go together, chances are pretty good that your child will need an X-ray at some time during childhood. Some kids may even require a more advanced test like...
Wolfson Clay ER

Baby Brought Back to Life at Wolfson Children’s ER at Baptist Clay

Already a mom of two, Lindsey Ford knew instinctively that something was wrong with her baby boy Munro as soon as he was born on May 4, 2014. When the nurse laid her infant...

Why Wolfson Children’s ERs Are Best For First Coast Kids

When it’s your child and it’s an emergency, what matters most is experience. Many parents in our area have turned to the Wolfson Children’s Emergency Center in Jacksonville for years, seeking the expertise and peace of mind only a children’s hospital can provide.