5 Secrets to More Energy, Optimal Health and Feeling Amazing in Your Body

Are you ready to access more energy, optimal health and feel good inside your body? Being a mother is the most rewarding experience in our lives and can also be the most challenging, exhausting and overwhelming. I am willing to bet you are ready to hear answers about which foods you should and should not eat, am I right?

As a Holistic Health Coach, I will share that which plays a role in our health and well-being. I know we can heal our bodies with food and access the health and wellness we want. But more importantly, I know a deeper truth to creating change in our lives, and here are five secrets I will share with you. Once I discovered this over the years through working with women to create change, I accessed the secret to inspiring women to truly transform and create the change in their life that was waiting to happen. Because when Mama is happy, everyone is happy right? Grab a glass of water or a cup of tea, and maybe even a journal to track how each of these tips make you feel:

1.Create the framework for you goals. Understand your heart’s desire. Take a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself, “What does the ideal healthy you look and feel like?” Can you imagine this version of you fully and connect to the feeling you will have once you access and live fully in your healthy self? Where do you live? What do you eat? What are you wearing? What are you doing? How do you feel? How do the people in your current life respond to you when you are living this healthy self? Connect to that feeling,  and create intentions from there. Do this from your CORE values, those values that you live for, that light you up and bring you joy.

2. Learn your healthy blueprint. Health is not a one-size-fits-all. It can be so overwhelming and confusing that it seems easier to not pay attention at all sometimes, right? Maybe we think, “Let’s just make a good effort and enjoy food.” I wholeheartedly agree that a healthy relationship with food is as important as eating the right foods. But what are the right foods? It is possible to heal the body, have more energy and eliminate allergies, acute and chronic illness with the right foods. Imagine the quality of life you will have. For example, kale is a nutrient-dense food, but guess what? It is not the best for all of us. Our health and energy improve when we learn what foods work for us based on genetics, emotional empowerment, lifestyle, stress, etc. This is what I like to call accessing your healthy blueprint. When you do this, you will know because you will feel energized and healthy all the time, naturally.  You will be so empowered that you will trust yourself enough to know that you can make good choices, even through stressful situations. I know. After a series of extreme health challenges in my life and living in survival mode for years, I accessed my healthy blueprint and have never looked back.

3. Know your self-worth and take inspired action. We can dream and want all day, but to create change, we must know our self-worth and what we want, need, and deserve. We must also uncover limiting beliefs or fears that hold us back. As mothers, especially, this is a power we can own and step into because we know that when Mama is healthy and happy, so is everyone else.  So it starts with us. We are the glue that keeps the family together. I am talking beyond acts of self-care. Those are important, too, but let’s bring clarity to to beliefs we have surrounding our self-worth and taking time to nourish ourselves. From there, we can take inspired action.

4. Let go of fears and limiting beliefs and transform them into empowering beliefs. I encourage you to take a quiet moment to reflect ideas, thoughts, or emotions that come up for you in the area of creating change. Chances are, these are repetitive patterns from the same beliefs or fears that show up in different areas of your life. I invite you to close your eyes and notice where in your body you feel the sensation or feeling, and ask yourself when in your life did you first notice this feeling, fear or belief?  And then, beautiful lady, you are on your way to transforming that belief into a positive and empowering new perspective. Awareness is the first step. We cannot change what we do not know. Once you discover this, you are on your way.

5. Find a community with positive accountability, inspiration, guidance, and support. No matter what we choose to do in our lives, we are more successful and uplifted when we have a community of support. We are not alone on this journey. I know that we all have several identities as women and mothers, and that it might include Superwoman, but I promise you that finding a support group, sisterhood, or community of like-minded women with similar core values and goals will take your inspired actions to the next level!

So now that you have these five secrets, which one will you take inspired action in today? I would love to hear the area in your life where you are ready to access change. When you do this, you will have more energy, optimal health and feel amazing, because you will take actions that are in alignment with what mattes most for you.

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About the Author

Jen Mons, the founder and CEO of Healthy Beach Girl, is a Holistic Health Coach, Detox Specialist, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She works with women to create a healthy lifestyle through healthy habits that last by transforming fears and beliefs into inspired action and discovering a unique healthy blueprint through anti-inflammatory eating to access optimal health, specializing in food sensitivities. She is the co-founder of Healthy Halloween Jax, a member of Leading Ladies 904, and host of community yoga for donations to local organizations. Most importantly, she is a loving wife and rockstar mom to two beautiful daughters — Maile, 12, and Lanea 9.


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