Racing Around Town with RaceTrac’s Wintastic Rewards

Thank you to RaceTrac for sponsoring this post and providing the perfect pitstop for this on-the-go mama.

I love summer and all of the adventures it brings, but there are times when I feel like we’ve been going and going all day long. Sometimes we just need a break, a cold drink, a good snack, and a chance to reset. One of our favorite places for a pitstop when we’ve been racing around all day is our local RaceTrac.

With over 4,000 items, RaceTrac has something for everyone. And this summer, stopping in has gotten so much more fun with their awesome Wintastic Rewards program! It’s so easy, and my kids love playing along. Simply download the app, and when you make a purchase, scan the barcode in the app for a 1-in-3 chance to win. We’ve only been playing for a short time and have already won twice! The best part is that when you win, you receive an instant digital coupon that you can save or use that same visit on a separate transaction. Hooray for instant gratification, especially when kids are involved. We won a free Snapple the other day, and I was super excited that RaceTrac had my all-time favorite, difficult-to-find flavor, Snapple Apple. While I wanted to keep it all to myself, it was fun to be able to get it right away and share one of my favorites with the kids.  

Sharing my winnings — somehow it tastes better when you win it!

Speaking of favorites, my kids’ favorite part of our RaceTrac stops is Swirl World. RaceTrac is the only convenience store to offer Swirl World — a variety of frozen desserts including ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and Italian Ice — and it is pretty awesome. You can customize your frozen treat just how you like it, and they offer so many great toppings. Of course, my kids always go with the gummies — because who doesn’t need a gummy frog to go on top of their ice cream? But they also have sprinkles, Oreos, salted caramel chips, hot fudge, and fresh berries, just to name a few. And throughout the rest of July, kids ages 12 and under can get their Swirl World cups for free, and adult cups are a flat rate of $3, including toppings!

Obsessed with the frozen treat toppings at RaceTrac’s Swirl World.

Most of the time when we stop at RaceTrac, it is because I am in need of an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. I don’t do coffee (gasp!), so a fountain soda is my beverage of choice. RaceTrac offers a large selection of fountain sodas, and I love their soft, crunchy ice. Best part? Throughout the summer, fountain drinks in any size are only $1. And for my coffee-loving friends, RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar offers a variety of freshly brewed coffee blends, including 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Guatemalan, Decaf and Dark Roast, as well cappuccinos, iced coffee, hot teas and hot chocolate.

As with all things in life, I try to keep a balance of summer treats versus healthy snacks. I love that I can stop in to RaceTrac when my kids have eaten all of the snacks I’ve packed, or when I’ve just plain forgotten to pack snacks at all (double gasp!), and they can find something healthy. RaceTrac offers plenty of fresh fruit options as well as cheese sticks, yogurt, hummus and granola bars.

So many yummy, healthy snack options.

We love racing around Jacksonville enjoying all of the activities summer has to offer. And we are having so much fun with the Wintastic Rewards program when we stop for a break at RaceTrac. We also love stopping at various RaceTrac locations during our adventures outside of Jacksonville. It is comforting to know that we can find the same great snacks and beverages, and enjoy collecting Wintastic Rewards on our road trips. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by this summer, I definitely recommend it! And be sure to download the app so you can get in the game!

RaceTrac partnered with influencers such as me for its Wintastic Rewards campaign. As part of this Program, I received compensation for my time. RaceTrac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. These policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Jessica is a North Carolina girl, who after living in New York City for eight years, is loving being back in the south since moving to Jacksonville in 2008. She is a stay at home mom to Linda Claire (3) and Liam (2). Prior to filling her days with parks and play doh, Jessica worked in event planning and marketing for financial and media companies, including This Old House. A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, she is a passionate Tarheel fan, and college basketball season is her favorite time of year. Jessica spends her free time on the tennis court, training for races with her running buddies, or drinking wine her husband, Trevor. Her favorite things include snuggling with her sweet dog at the end of the day, hearing her kids laugh together, and pink cupcakes with sprinkles.


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