Screen-Free Summer Activity: Surprise Stories

Thank you to Surprise Stories for sponsoring this post and helping parents and children brave the Battlefield of Boredom!

As summer stretches out before us, promising children endless days of fun and adventure, caregivers may be feeling the growing pressure of finding screen-free activities to keep their littles engaged and entertained throughout this magical season.

Enter Surprise Stories: an innovative storytelling game that will help you transition from school to summer in a fun and effective way!

As a mother, I understand the temptation to surrender to screens. After all, the days are long and our children’s attention spans are short. But I am here to encourage you to ditch the digital distractions and dive into the world of Surprise Stories instead.

A New Spin on Storytelling

Surprise Stories is designed to inspire imagination through improvisation. The game puts a new spin on the timeless tradition of storytelling. You are the teller of your tales, the author of your adventures!  Embrace the unknown as you step inside our world of wonder. Surrender to the spontaneous as you explore the unique characters, uncharted worlds, and unpredicted scenarios that Surprise Stories provides.

Our mission is to use the power of storytelling to inspire imagination, create connection, and make life magical. And what is more magical than summer? Power off the screens and power on imagination!

How to Play: Step Into Our World of Wonder!

Here’s how to play: Surprise Stories includes 120 hand-drawn, watercolor-illustrated cards. The artwork is complemented with captivating, rhythmic poetry designed to inspire imagination and immerse you in magic. The game is divided into three decks:

  • 40 Stars: Featuring unique characters and creatures.
  • 40 Settings: Depicting imaginative and exciting locations.
  • 40 Storylines: Providing intriguing scenarios and plot prompts.
  • Also included are 3 information cards, 1 per deck, with prompting questions to help spark creativity and get the story started.

Players draw one card from each deck and must then tell a story based on this 3-card selection. With 64,000 possible combinations, you will never tell the same story twice!

Brave the Battlefield of Boredom

I originally designed Surprise Stories to help families brave the Battlefield of Bedtime. I wanted to create a fun and effective way to transition from day to night, without a fight. Since our product launch in October 2023, the game has been captivating the hearts and minds of families, near and far, as they use the power of storytelling to make bedtime magical.

The benefits of Surprise Stories, however, go well beyond bedtime and this summer we are here to help you brave the Battlefield of Boredom.

As caregivers, we understand the discomfort that comes with having restless littles at home. But I am here to challenge you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Stand your ground against the Battle of Boredom and witness the magic that blooms from the magnificent minds of your “bored” littles.

Surprise Stories provides the perfect platform for your littles to exercise their imaginations. Gift the opportunity for growth and discovery. Invest in imagination. The screen-free smiles that follow will banish any hint of boredom! Let Surprise Stories serve as a sanctuary from screens this summer. Together, we can empower young minds and encourage dreamers.

The Possibilities are Endless

Discover more ways Surprise Stories can contribute to screen-free smiles this summer and beyond:

  • Get creative. Submit your stories to our Summer Storytelling Competition.
  • Experience traditional tales. Dedicate a special time each day (or night) to the magic of storytelling.
  • Consider a change of scenery. Take storytelling into the great outdoors.
  • Travel this summer. Surprise Stories is perfect, packable play for all of your on-the-go adventures.
  • Bring your stories to life. Use props, puppets, costumes, illustrations, and more! These elements add an extra layer to the magic.
  • Put on a play. Write a screenplay and perform it!
  • Bring it to game night. There’s nothing quite like Surprise Stories on the market. It offers a fresh and creative approach to entertainment.
  • Start a story journal. Put pen to paper. Document your adventures. Your imagination is a superpower!
  • Play Charades. After all, the game is based on improvisation!
  • Compose a poem. We love emotional expression through poetry.
  • Play I-Spy. Embark on a game of I-Spy with the game’s illustrations!
  • Create your own illustrations. Draw and color your own pictures for your stories.

And, of course, after a long day of play: Brave the Battlefield of Bedtime with a nighttime storytelling adventure into our world of wonder.

Surprise Stories is a great way to make this summer both magical and memorable. Let’s trade screen time for storytime. Power off your screens and power on your imagination. A world of wonder awaits!


About the Author

Jessica Seoane, the founder of Surprise Stories, is a dedicated mom who intimately understands both the battle and beauty of bedtime. With her deep appreciation of quality connection leading the way, she was on a mission to find a fun and effective way for families to transition from day to night, without a fight. Fast forward a bit… and a new spin on the timeless tradition of storytelling was born. Surprise Stories is captivating the hearts and minds of families, near and far, as they create magical moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Power off the screens and power on your imagination to experience the enchanting world of wonder that awaits.


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