Letting Go of My Kindergarten Worries


I have dreaded this day ever since my youngest was born. My husband and I made the decision years ago that for us, two children were the limit, so the thought of my daughter going off to kindergarten has always caused a drop of sadness in the pit of my stomach. Sadness, new milestones, and bittersweet are the words that wash over me as I think of my youngest entering elementary school this fall, but there is also a new word that pops into my mind — something else that’s tugging at me now that the big day is finally arriving. The word “guilt” has been added to my list because I will now be a working mom while my daughter attends kindergarten.

I have been at home with my kids for nearly a decade now. When my eldest child was born, my husband and I decided that me remaining at home as his primary caretaker was best for our family. I was fortunate to have found ways to earn income while caring for my kids — from babysitting, to being a sales consultant, to working remote writing positions. I felt grateful that I could attend school activities and volunteer while my son was in kindergarten and spend time with him after he returned from school.

As we all know, though, life happens. Challenges and opportunities pop up, leading to a change of plans. I didn’t plan to start working outside the home until at least another year, but a job opportunity came that I didn’t want to pass up. My husband now has the chance to reverse roles with me as the primary caretaker. He’s excited to bond with the kids and experience life as the parent who attends class events and help our kids with their daily routines. He’s eager and a little nervous about being the parent home with our children without me there to act as the coach. My kids are a bit nervous, too!

I was able to teach my kids a lot while I stayed home with them and I pleasantly discovered that it worked both ways; they taught me a lot, too. I learned what parenting style worked for my kids and I even fell in love with outdoor activities and took an interest in sports! Now, I need to learn to juggle things differently since the tables have flipped.

The tip I see repeatedly to prepare for kindergarten is to set routines and be involved. Those are two things I’m taking away as I transition from home to work life.

I’m aware I need to remain proactive with my kids’ lives and find different ways to be involved with their school. I’m aware I need to be proactive to have quality time with my husband, friends, and myself for a chance to refuel. Luckily, my kids are good at following routines and I know it’s what has kept our household functioning all these years. Looking back on these past years at home, I realized I’ve developed some amazing multitasking and time management skills that definitely come in handy now as a working mom!

I already feel the longing of wanting to be home to spend time and catch up on my kids’ lives. As I write this, I’m terrified of the change, but also, I’m excited for this new chapter in my life and my kids have expressed their excitement for my new career, too.

All these changes and milestones reminds me to cherish my family time even more.

This new step reminds me that staying home all these years was worth it because I’m confident in the two little humans I helped raised, knowing they’ll be okay, which makes me realize that although the timing may not feel right, it is. They’re good decent kids who are smart and kind. Also, this change reminds me that dads can parent just as well as moms and it shouldn’t be a surprise or unexpected and that all parents are in this together. None of us should feel guilty about what we have to do to raise our families as long as we make the effort to find the right balance.

Also, I’m learning to embrace another word as I prepare for my daughter to enter kindergarten while I re-enter the workforce and that’s “acceptance.”

I’m accepting that my youngest is growing and it’s not about me. This is her year. (Look how much she’s grown!)

I need to accept that letting go is part of the process and that includes not trying to do it all when it comes to running the household. I’m accepting that this is a new beginning for all of us and it reminds me that whether you contribute by staying home, going to work, or a mix of both, it’s valuable to your family and it’s all worth it. So, kindergarten, we’re ready for you!


Bernadyn is a Jacksonville native who loves the beach, sun, chocolate, and coffee. She met her husband while she was in college at the University of North Florida. They have two kids (6 and 9). When she became a mom, she began her freelance writing career. She wrote for various publications while writing for her blog, B is 4. Her writing and blog led her to become an influencer, which opened up doors to collaborate with other businesses, such as Ink Link Marketing, US Family Guide, and Vanity Fair. During this time, she discovered her passion for marketing and social media. She recently started a new chapter in her life by returning to school to pursue her graduate degree in English, specializing in Rhetoric and Composition. She also returned to working outside the home. She now works as a copywriter and social media coordinator for a publishing company. In her free time, you can find her spending time outdoors, searching for more chocolate or coffee, and finding new adventures to do with her family. Her greatest lesson she has learned as a mom is that time is precious and that there is always something new to learn from your kids.


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