Honest Thoughts On Having a Fifth Baby


The big news is officially out: My husband and I are expecting our fifth baby. Yep, you read that right — we’re having baby number five. In today’s world, that makes us a bit of an anomaly. Most people don’t have big families anymore. The average number of children families have today is two, so a couple with five kids? I already got stares whenever I took my four kids out on an errand; I can only imagine the reactions when I’m toting around five.

The number one question people always have whenever we’ve announced a new pregnancy is, “Was it planned?” I hate that question — does it make a difference? Is it any of your business? But in the interest of honesty, I’ll answer it this time. No, it wasn’t planned. It also wasn’t unplanned. I was surprised when I realized I was pregnant, but mostly because we had been pretty lackadaisical about it all, and it just wasn’t really on my radar.

I had always wanted a big family. I wanted a house filled with kids. I was thrilled each time we got pregnant, because it was what I wanted. But this time, when I got that positive pregnancy test, I cried. I was scared, and I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was pregnant for as long as possible. A few close friends were given the news — I cried on the phone to them — but I kept it a secret otherwise. After having Clara, our fourth baby, I felt like I was done having kids. Our family felt complete. And my hands were full enough as it is! Still, I felt sad. Every now and then, I would think about never having another baby — never looking excitedly at ultrasounds, never feeling a baby kick, never anxiously waiting for that moment when I saw my new baby’s face for the first time — and I would feel so sad. I didn’t want another baby, but the thought of never having another one was devastating. (It made about as much sense to me as it does to you.) But still, the reason I was so scared and upset wasn’t because I was having a fifth baby.

It was because I dreaded the reaction I would get.

I sobbed, over and over again, to the few friends I trusted enough to tell that this would not be a baby whose life would be celebrated. It wasn’t just conjecture on my part, either; all I had to do was look back on the reaction we got when we announced that we were pregnant with number four. We constantly got rude, inappropriate and snarky remarks… usually accompanied by laughter, as if it’s hilarious to joke about someone’s sex life or to tell them they need to stop having children. I didn’t say much at the time, but those comments hurt. They hurt me deeply. And rather than congratulations, we got sneering and scorn.

Don’t you know what causes that?

Man, one of you really needs to get fixed!

Don’t you have any hobbies?

You need to get a TV in your room.

Was this planned?

Are you done now?

You really should stop after this… I mean, enough is enough!

And on and on it went. I knew, with utter and complete certainty, that very few people would offer their sincere congratulations. People would look at us like we were crazy, irresponsible freaks with little self-control. It started after we had Ivy, our third child. She was our first girl, after having two boys. And so we heard all the time how we could “stop” now, because we finally had our girl! As if children are a collector’s set, and we were missing a specific piece — now that we had at least one of each gender, we could be done. With Clara, it was as if we needed to apologize for her existence. This attitude came from everywhere — from family members, friends, complete strangers. When you have a big family, virtually everyone feels entitled to comment on your family size, your reproductive choices and your sex life.

There are some things that I’m slightly nervous about, of course. I’m busy enough with four kids; Lord only knows how it will be once I have five. I’m not looking forward to losing what little sleep I get now. And it sure is nice to have four mostly independent children, who can feed themselves and play together and aren’t reliant on me for every last thing. But I’m also confident in my own abilities as a mother; I know that while having a fifth baby will be difficult, it’s something that I can handle. And I still stand firm by my assertion that the hardest transition wasn’t going from two babies to three, or from three to four… it was going from zero to one. Adjusting to being a mother when I hadn’t been one before was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. With each new baby, I’ve been able to learn a little bit more, and by now? I’m practically an expert.

So my feelings of devastation, whether right or wrong, were almost solely due to my fear of the reactions I would get. I didn’t want to brace myself for people’s cruel comments or thoughtless remarks. I want, so badly, to know that this new life will be cherished and loved and joyously anticipated… if not by the world, then at least by the people who claim to love me.

A big family isn’t for everyone; I know that. I don’t expect people to run out and have a bunch of kids just because that’s the choice my husband and I have made. But if a big family isn’t for you, then try to at least be understanding and accepting of us moms who do have a lot of kids. Don’t make jokes or ask personal questions, no matter how clever or funny you may think they are. Be supportive and be excited for them. And here’s a little tip that applies to all moms: No matter what her situation, there is only one thing to say when a woman tells you that she’s expecting a baby:



    • I’m sure 5th born babies around the world will all thank you! My mom was one of 7 and though like you said it’s more rare nowadays, I know so many people who have 4 children! Why not have a 5th. Congratulations, every child deserves to be celebrated!!

    • I remember after I had my fifth child (19th yrs old now), it was really sad that I wasn’t going to experience the feeling of another baby again inside my belly, but I also knew there is a time to say enough. She wasn’t planned, and I remember feeling like this. What are people going to say? I remember an old lady saying, “this is it, right?!” Like saying, “oh my gosh another kid, what’s wrong with you?” I do understand why some people say don’t have so many kids, but certain comments should be kept quiet. It’s hurtful. I also remember an old lady being excited for me and that was nice to hear, and in two occasions I was told you don’t see big families anymore. Though it wasn’t my plan, I love having these big family I was blessed with, and how it’s growing. I’m praying for a big dinning room so we can fit everyone on holidays!! 😎

  1. I have gotten some of these comments and I’m only pregnant with my third! People are idiots. Congrats on #5! Truly a blessing 🙂

  2. We have 3 boys, and this is one of the biggest reasons I hesitate about a 4th. I’m almost nervous to discuss it with my OB/GYN! Thanks for sharing and congrats!

  3. Yes, people are idiots. I have 4 and got the same rude remarks. I was surprised how it seemed to offend some of my family members. I thought to myself, I don’t care how many you have. Why do you care how many I have?

  4. None of their business. I don’t comment on how many they have – or how few. If we can care for them, love them and feed them, then we have exactly the right number – and that may change over the years 🙂 We have four (23,19,15 and 4), there would have been five except we lost one. And quite frankly if God saw fir to bless us with another, that’d be fine. People made comments when I had the last one (I was 41 at the time), my rebuttal was hey, I need someone to go rock climbing with me when all the others are grown. He is a never-ending joy that I can’t imagine missing because someone thought we had too many.

    • Mel, I am 40 and just found out I am pregnant with #5. I am so scared because of my age. Mine are 14,12, 6 and 5. I never thought I would be having a baby at 40. I am due a week before my 41st birthday

  5. I am sorry people are rude, I am the youngest of 5, most of my siblings have large families. I have two wonderful daughters and I would love to have another but it isn’t in the cards. Enjoy your kids, the rude people are jealous

  6. Good Morning!
    I read your post yesterday and before I finished posting my congratulations my son had confiscated my phone again. So CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIFTH BABY!!!! I think its amazing. I was moved by your worries that you have and was wondering if you could do me a favor. I am a (rather new) photographer in Jacksonville. I started 10 some years ago but really fell in love with it when my son was born. I would love to take pictures of you and your awesome big family. I want to show how great it is to be surrounded by so many little minds. I don’t do this all the time and I hope you don’t think I am just looking for advertisement..I really think this would be an amazing thing to show the world. Please let me know either way. and again Congrats on your little new addition!

  7. I love this! I am one of 7 kids and when I got married my mom started telling me how people used to say the same exact things to her. It made me mad for her and wished I would have known about it when I was a kid so I could say something to people that my mom couldn’t. Growing up in a big family was the greatest thing ever. I wouldn’t change that. We are all adults now but we all talk to each other all the time and are all friends, sharing group texts weekly and traveling around the world to visit each other. The world needs big families and the world also needs to be accepting.
    I want to have at least five children, if not more. I love my family and I want what my parents had. But I don’t know how I’m going to handle comments like that, the ones you and my mother received. Thanks for writing about it! It’s encouraging to know there are other women with big families. I’m excited for your children and for you and your husband. Your kids are going to love being apart of that big family.
    And congratulations!

  8. Congratulations!!! I have 4, and know the fear of reactions you mention. I want so much to be able to joyfully announce to everyone as soon as I want, but I know I’ll get negative comments whenever we’re blessed with another. It makes me sad.

  9. This was perfect to read right now! I have four and am pregnant with my fifth as well. There are some friends that I was really excited to tell because I knew they would be extatic for me, even if on the inside they were thinking I was crazy, but then there were some family and friends I told that I felt like I was just bracing myself for the comments I was going to have to hear as soon as I told them.
    Great blog, congratulations! ! 🙂

  10. I wish you all the best. Congrats on that new bundle of joy. I was not a “good” pregnant person. Hair fell out, nails broke, couldn’t stay awake, and my complexion turned a lovely shade of green. Twice. Number 3 I adopted. I ended up tying my tubes because I got pregnant at the drop of a hat. On the pill, condom. But I loved having kids. And adore 👶 babies. Now my kids are done having kids and I’m waiting for great grandbabies!

  11. Congratulations! !!!!! I’m a mom of 4, 8 and under, and wish I could have had my 5th but medical conditions prevented it. You are truly blessed with a new baby on the way. The best thing anyone told me while I was pregnant was “God gives you what you can handle” You are strong, don’t let others bring you down, they only wish they could handle what you do! Best wishes for an amazing pregnancy and birth!

    • No!! Sorry but I am so tired of that verse being misapplied!! God doesn’t TEMPT you more than you can handle. But he does give you more than you can handle! So you will turn to Him! So you will seek Him! If we could handle everything on our own, we wouldn’t need Him!!

  12. Can I just say you hit the nail on the head on this one I am a mom of four and when expecting my third I got a lot of static as well my second was born with Prader- Willi syndrome and we have been feeling there is still a number five but I am hesitant with all I have going on and with all the family and friends comments just overwhelms me and I haven’t even made a decision yet thank you for this post

  13. Congratulations on Baby #5 hope you and baby are healthy. And thank you for this. Right now me and my husband have 2 little girls and are planning to try for #3 in a few years.hopefully its a boy!!!! But best of luck to you and hope your pregnancy is going great!!! And baby is healthy!!

  14. Thanks for writing this post – I so identify! I have four kids (2011, 2012, 2014, 2015) and am due with number five next month. My number five is really number six though because we lost our last baby to miscarriage. I had dreaded telling people about number five because I really hate the negative attention or even just lack of excitement. I want people to rejoice in my babies no matter what number, but there really wasn’t much interest. Then I lost that baby and that was even harder. Honestly though, losing him or her made me care a whole lot less what people said or thought when I got pregnant with my baby due next month. I want this baby and my husband wants this baby and her siblings want this baby and that is enough.

  15. Congrats! We have seven. @raisingthesuperseven insta… whether it’s me or others, surround your self with a village of support! God bless you!

  16. Love this! I am 41 and have 5! Mine are 23, 17, 13, 12 and 2 months! Coincidentally, we used shoes to make our announcement just like your picture! I think I heard every comment you listed from people. #5 was a complete surprise and a little miracle actually…she is absolutely amazing and a blessing!

    • Hi Mel. We have four and are considering a 5th. I worry so much about missing out on special moments and things with my older boys (three boys, ages 10, 9, and 7 and a girl age 5). Can you speak to that a little bit? How has your fifth affected the family dynamics?

      • Hi Rebekah! In our experience, it hasn’t led to missing out on special moments. It has affected the family dynamic, of course, but in a good way — my older kids all love their baby sister. When she started taking her first steps, they were her BIGGEST cheerleaders and they still encourage and help her to walk every day. They’re excited to greet her when she wakes up each morning and kiss her good night every night. And we just try to make an effort to spend time individually with all of them one-on-one when possible. But, I mean, when you already have four kids, there isn’t that much of a difference LOL!

  17. Congratulations!!!!

    I have 5 children. had I not miscarried, I would have had 8 children.

    My 5 are all adult now. I also have 6 grandchildren. Personally, I loved to see the faces and the remarks by those who thought I was crazy to have 5 kids. I chuckle at their incredulity. It shouldn’t matter to you what others say. Enjoy your children and eventually your grandchildren. Life is precious!!!

  18. We had rude comments for our first and second. From immediate family members. And we were married for 2 years before we got pregnant. I’d hate to see what they would say for 3 or more. Congratulations to you! I think big families are wonderful, and I love seeing them.

  19. Congratulations on your new addition. We have 6 and it’s a headache to go anywhere because it’s normally the older generation that have rude comments. I had 3 kids and I have custody of my cousins 3. Someone always has to stop me and ask if they have the same daddy or count out loud and flag me down to know all about us. My husband wants another one and the kids I have now are 12,10,9,8,7 and 3. I know the struggle. If you can afford them and have patience then go ahead and do what you want. Sending love and prayers your way. People will be mean and it’s no ones business what you do

  20. As a mother of 9, #5 was my turning point too! I also cried for the same reasons- plus I didn’t know anyone with 5 kids except my own mother! No one of my age group to relate to! My children are my pride and joy, but I still cringe at those remarks!

  21. Congratulations!!! As a mother of four, I could’ve written much of this myself. I am excited for you and your family!

  22. Congratulations!! I have 5 and feel every inch of what you wrote deep into my core. To add; Family members refusing to babysit because we are over our time limit for asking (i.e. The older kids are teenagers and if we didn’t have more, we wouldn’t have to ask)…mind you, they have only babysat less than 5 times EVER. On a positive note, my kids are MY LIFE and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


    p.s. If I weren’t so dang old I would consider having another 😉

  23. Congratulations, and Thank you so much for this post! It helps me to not feel so alone. I just found out that I’m pregnant with #7 (totally not planned), and I’m dreading the reactions that we will get from our family and friends when we make the announcement. I hate that I can’t share the news now and get joyful reactions. I hate that I have to wait as long as possible to share the news, just so I have less time that I have to hear the hurtful and rude comments. The worst comments come from my mother in law, who is a Christian, and should think that children are a blessing because the Bible says so! Thank you for your open and honest post. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy!

    • Wow, we are totally in the same boat. I’m expecting number 7 also. I just found out 2 weeks and don’t want to tell anyone. It seems like such a fight. Children are a blessing and should be treated as such regardless of birth order. Hugs mama, you are not alone❤️

  24. Pregnant with our fourth beautiful baby girl. Oh the comments! I’ve received condolences for not “getting my boy”. Told we need to stop chasing that boy, or asked if we’ll continue to chase. Asked how my “poor husband” is handling being the only male..they go on and on. I am so beyond excited to welcome this next little girl to our family. She’s got 3 beautiful big Sisters who are also so very excited to meet this sweet girl. My husband cannot wait to cuddle and spoil this baby just like he did with our others. We lost what would have been our 4th last spring and were devastated so just the fact that this pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is healthy is all we wanted. Plus if we’re being honest..a boy would have been a game changer.. we’ve got life with ladies down!

  25. Congratulations! We have 6 and can totally relate to everything you said. We are done having biological kids but hope to adopt one day. I was so sad and savored every last baby moment.

  26. I have 6 children and my family was the worst with the comments! My mom started with the baby 3 announcement–what are you going to do with 3 kids? I was furious and didn’t tell her about the next ones until we were VERY pregnant. Just didn’t want to hear it. I loved having a large brood and learned to laugh at the crazy comments when I was out with them all. the first few all looked different–black hair, brown, then blonde. The next was a redhead and he drew so many comments. Where did he get that red hair? The mailman. He is 31 and still tells people that!!! They pick up on your response so humor made it easier to keep my cool. When asked if they were all mine (and what idiot would take extra kids to the grocery store?) I would say that I kid napped a couple of them. Motherhood is stressful enough without others making you feel wrong. Don’t let them!!

  27. As a mom of several kids that span all ages from littles to adults, welcome to the fold of bigger family life. I tell people that I make zero apologies for still actually *LIKING* my husband after 2 decades and demonstrating as much to him.

  28. This was an amazing blog post. I too am expecting my 5th child and dread telling people for that exact reason. I actually miscarried in April and when we first found out we were expecting. I felt ashamed, like I had done something wrong. Mainly because I knew so many people would disagree with my choice. Anyway two months later we are expecting again and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Yes it will be hard but I will never regret any of my kids. They are a blessling and I could care less what people think at this point. haha. Thank you for writing this it was what I needed to hear. 🙂

  29. Yup. Number 5 due here too. Totally dreading telling everyone. My mother in law would say when we had three and we expressed a desire to have number 4 “oh Gawd why would you do it to yourself”. She regularly would say that in front of her adult fourth child. It’s going to go down like a lead balloon. Thinking of sending out a very matter of fact text (I’m not on FB) staring the facts and saying that the only appropriate reply is “congratulations”.

  30. I completely understand! We have 4 , 3 girls 12, 9 and 7 and a 8 month old baby boy . I already want another one! My husband said that we could but in my heart I know that our family wouldn’t be very happy. Especially my mom who made me promise her I wouldn’t have anymore. Part of the reason is because they couldn’t get me to stop bleeding after I had our last. They never found out why I was bleeding. He was over 9 lbs . I feel like I wouldn’t know how to tell her🙁. It makes me sad !

  31. I sit here almost in tears after reading this because we just learning we are pregnant with our 5th and I have the same sadness. I have only told the few people closets, not even family, because we know the reactions coming. We got them after announcing the 4th. I’m spending these next few weeks in prayer, so that my heart is ready and not hardened toward people. We love our ‘big’ family and are excited.
    I pray your family is loving new little member 😊 and that you are getting rest 😉

  32. What a good post. Thabk you for sharing your experience. I have 4 ages 14, 12, 9, and 5. Three boys and my youngest a girl. Recently I’ve started having the baby longing again and think of it all the time. I’m 40 right now almost 41. I’m in good health but feel guilty for having these feelings. Honestly I wish they would go away but they won’t. I am definitely busy enough right now but I would love all the joys of a baby again. I work in my church nursery but sometimes that makes it worse. My family would be mad and say I should have stopped at 3. But I don’t want to have any regrets. I am still not sure what to do but thank you for your post. If anyone has any comments please share

  33. I just discovered this blog after typing in “pregnant with 5th child and scared.” This made me feel so much better. I just found out i’m pregnant with my 5th child after having a set of twins 2 years ago. Instead of feeling happy I felt like I had done something wrong and have been so afraid to tell people for fear that they will make negative comments or be angry. Thanks for sharing this blog because it helps me know that I am not alone and that i’m not the only one with a large family.

  34. I love this! Thank you for this!!! This did make me feel so much better!!!! Hugs to you and to all moms. I LOVE having a BIG family and praise God everyday for providing it!

  35. Im pregnant with my 5th baby now too…and honestly im scared to tell my family and friends. My other 4 are all boys. But your article made me feel a little better thank you. Yes you dont see many families with 4 or 5 heck even 3 is a lot to so many people now. So i am still nervous about telling them.

  36. First of all…. CONGRATS on all of God’s Blessings! Each child is a gift, and God chose you to be their momma. Remember that!

    Secondly, ignore the snarky and snide comments or laughter. People act that way when they are uncomfortable, to deflect away from themselves as what they perceive to be their own shortcomings.

    Third, and you’ve already done this too, love and hug them every chance you get. We get one chance to enjoy them as babies, and then they’re gone. We don’t ever get that time back.

    I have an almost 21 year old, a 7 year old, and now a 7 month old. I get the snotty comments, because of how far apart mine are stretched. My response is (and will always be) I’m done having babies when God quits blessing me with them. That’s between me, my husband and God.

    Keep smiling, keep loving on those babies, and keep writing what you do. You’re inspiring a lot of local mommas to keep their heads up— and we all need that little bit of encouragement each day.

  37. I cried when I read this. Thank you. I’m pregnant with my 5th and I’m 39. I’ve always wanted a big family. Always. But I haven’t told many people at all that I’m pregnant. I just don’t want the comments. But, and I must be honest. I know they are coming and I am ready to be very blunt on saying my body, my family, my choice. I still cry about it though. I am not ready to handle 5 children (and 3 under 3) at 39.
    I remember crying when I had my youngest daughter, knowing that she would be my last. Last nursing child. Last sweet bundle in my arms. The sound of a newborn cry. It broke my heart. And now, God chose to bless me again and I am scared of what? People. And how harsh society is bc the norm is 2.
    Thank you for your post. A lot.

    • It is now 7:53 a.m. and I my oldest who is 12, is heading to school. She’s walking around getting ready and I. Sitting here pregnant with my 5th crying my eyes out reading this stuff lol. I am going through too much stuff to type but I am 30 and things are rough right now. I have always been more happy and optimistic in life than others. It seems Everytime I try to be the “norm”, do the “norm”, or think the “norm” it backfires, be it in a good way or bad. This article has my juices flowing, it was very helpful and so was this comment.

  38. I am right here now…except I haven’t told my husband yet because last year I was pregnant (ended up with a miscarriage at 11 weeeks) when I told my husband he was not thrilled…even though he was always the one that wanted a 5th…so now here I am 6 weeks pregnant, known for a few weeks now and not told anyone but my 2 sisters. I randomly blabbed it out in the restroom when we were out for lunch. They were not thrilled either, they said they were worried I’d have another miscarriage or worried about my health in general. (My 4th ended in an emergency c-section and took it’s toll on me)…still I was hurt…and I knew this would happen…I want to keep the baby a secret for as long as I can so that I can enjoy it…so I don’t have to hear all those comments. I would keep it a secret the whole pregnancy if I could. I am going to try really hard to wait until the first ultrasound to tell my husband…and even then I am not sure how to tell him but I don’t think I can do it face to face…if I see that look of disappointment I just can’t bare it…When I had my last miscarriage I had to have a D&C because my body just wouldn’t miscarry on it’s own…so we had to have a sitter while I was in the hospital and my in-laws kept prodding so my husband told them…well his Mom told everyone…I remember a few weeks later being at a family dinner and his Grandma told me she was sorry for my loss but said I needed to have my husband go get fixed because we shouldn’t have anymore kids…I heard this from a few other relatives…I was so heartbroken…now I am pregnant again and I feel like this one is going to be ok…pretty strong symptoms and dark lines…but like you, I’m not worried at all about how I can handle it, I know I will have no problem with having 5, being a Mother is just what I am good at, and love…it’s all the remarks I am fearing…and it pisses me off because I want this baby to have nothing but positivity around it…nothing but love and support…ok end of ramblings…love this article!!!

  39. Thank you so much for this amazing and inspiring article! I am expecting baby 5, my little one is 16months old and still breastfeeds… my oldest is eight, and I have had a miscarriage before baby n.4. I have heard all those crazy stupid jokes… the one I can’t forget was from a friend asking me if I was participating in a competition !
    Really… people don’t have life. They are busy taking care of others life and being jealous of us. Having A big family is the meaning of my life … I could imagine myself without them. I miss the ones that aren’t born yet. It’s crazy! But my heart is fo full of love and joy that “normal” selfish people wouldn’t understand.
    God bless you and your wonderful family. Children are blessing from God. Who would dare refuse a present like that? Love, Janaína

  40. According to calculations I am 5wks 4 days pregnant with my 5th. I haven’t told my husband yet 😬 but I think he suspects as Much. We haven’t tried to not conceive and he comes from a very large family. I also just accepted an amazing job off with very family oriented ppl but- ahh idk im freaking out a lil about ppls reactions as well…I’ve heard all the above. Mybyoungest is 18 mos, then 3,6 & 18(only daughter) people call me crazy but i Love love love being a mother! I was a lonely only child 🤷🏾‍♀️ I appreciate this blog very much ♥️ Thank you!! 🙏🏾

  41. Thank you! I needed this! I recently just found out I am pregnant with baby #5 and I am going through the exact same thing. I’m scared to tell people simply bc of the reaction I know that is coming my way… thank yyou for this though bc it gives me comfort knowing I’m not the only one who had felt this way before.

  42. Thanks. I needed this. I am 41 and pregnant with baby number 5. I, also, have been afraid to share the news because of the reactions I know I will get. I am terrified of telling my employer because when I informed them a couple of years ago that I was pregnant with baby number 4 their response was “how could you do this to us?” Even my oldest son, when I told him we were expecting again, said “ya’ll need to be more careful”. So yes, I am ashamed that I am ashamed to share the news, and I need more support from people like you to give me the confidence I need to face the nay sayers.

  43. Congratulations! I am currently facing the same situation and fears with my fifth child due this summer. Reading this has helped me feel not alone and inspired. Thank you

  44. Thank you for writing this. I absolutely needed to read it tonight. I am just barely pregnant with my 5th. 4 weeks and 2 days to be exact. (Well as exact as one can be) I feel exactly this way. When I had my first 2 everyone was excited and happy, then my 3rd was out first boy and everyone said ok you’re done now…then we had another girl, and well my husband really wanted to have just one more and I am a sucker for being pregnant and babies and well I jumped right on board. I honestly didn’t even think about what people would say until I got a positive test and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. People are going to be awful, say all the rude things, and well all the mean things…

  45. I am expecting my 4th baby. I read your post and I can totally relate. I have gotten some of these comments too. I had decided to ignore what people think and have to say and live up to on my own terms. I don’t comment on people’s life so I expect the same in return. Thanks for the post and there are people with big families and many kids but it’s a personal choice I guess.


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