Expectant Mamas: Here’s All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hiring a Night Nurse

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There is nothing more exciting than expecting a sweet new baby. There is also nothing more exhausting than waking up with that sweet baby and feeding them every one to three hours in those first few weeks! On top of waking up with your little one all night, you are most likely recovering from birth — maybe you have some tears and need ice on your hoo-haa around the clock. Perhaps you are icing your raw nipples from breastfeeding. Maybe you have a few other kids to take care of during the day. Perhaps the husband has to go back to work and you have a lot on your plate. What could help in this scenario, you may ask?

Cue a night nurse! What is a night nurse? A night nurse is a professional and certified nurse who provides specialized care for infants during the nighttime hours. Their primary role is to support new parents by caring for their newborns overnight, allowing the parents to get their much-needed rest.

Night Nurses Northeast FL has a wonderful team of Registered Nurses who are passionate about taking care of babies and supporting families through one of their most monumental times: bringing their newborn home. All of their nurses have been screened and background checked, and have experience in one of the following departments — Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby, PEDS, and NICU. They all have their Basic Life Support & CPR certifications, and the majority of them have additional certifications, including PEARS, PALS, STABLE, or NRP.

Your dedicated nurses help with the following responsibilities during the night with your newborn:

  • Feeding. Prepping, washing, and sterilizing bottles and feeding the baby, whether through bottle-feeding or bringing the baby to the mother for breastfeeding. They may also help with pumping and storing breast milk.
  • Diaper changes. Changing diapers as needed throughout the night to ensure the baby remains clean and comfortable.
  • Soothing and fostering healthy sleep routines. Helping to soothe and settle the baby back to sleep, establishing healthy sleep habits.
  • Light housekeeping. Your nurses will sterilize all bottles used and can assist with washing and sterilizing Mom’s pump parts if needed. Our nurses will assist with folding baby laundry while the baby is sleeping.
  • Record keeping. Keeping track of the baby’s feeding schedule, diaper changes, sleep patterns, temperament, and any other relevant information to share with the parents in the morning.

Your dedicated nurses work in shifts from 8–9 hours, starting at either 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. (whichever the family prefers) until 6 a.m. You can hire your nurses for as little or as long as you’d like, creating a schedule that is unique to your needs.

Night Nurses Northeast FL serves families in the following areas: Saint Johns, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, San Pablo, Hodges, Kernan Atlantic Blvd., Mandarin, and San Marco. Visit nightnursesnortheastfl.com to learn more, or contact them online or at (904) 203-4430.

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night nurseAbout the Author

Night Nurses owner and founder Katelynn Cotton is a Florida native and grew up in Ponte Vedra Beach. She now resides in St. Augustine with her husband and their two littles, Liliana and Titan. At the ripe age of 19, Katelynn founded a babysitting company Sunny Sitters, where parents could count on reliable childcare with her screened babysitters. Fast forward to motherhood, and she has definitely felt the negative effects of being a sleep-deprived mom when her babies were little and knows it truly does take a village in those first few months (or indefinitely). Driven by her own journey into motherhood, Katelynn founded Night Nurses Northeast FL with a clear mission: to offer reliable overnight care to families during one of life’s most transformative periods. Families can feel at ease knowing their experienced night nurse will take great care of their newborn while parents can get a good night’s rest. In her free time, you will find Katelynn and her littles spending their time at the YMCA, playing at the beach and parks around town, helping her husband with their real estate team and clients, and going out for date night every once in a while for some solo time!


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