Stock Our Schools: Clay County

The start of the school year is quickly approaching, and teachers are getting ready to stock their classrooms! Teachers spend around $1,000 (out of their own pockets) just to prepare for the school year. This is a huge expense, especially for those already on a tight budget. That’s why I got involved with Stock Our Schools: Clay County — a group that connects Clay County, FL, teachers with community members who desire to help classrooms by donating extra supplies.

Last year, I joined the group that was already two years old and shopped for a couple of teachers from the school that is next to our neighborhood. It brought so much joy to me, knowing that kids from the community were using the items in their classrooms. I then came up with different ideas for growing the list and sharing it with people that wanted to get involved. That inner voice did not stop talking to me, and I became an admin for the group. The previous admin did an outstanding job, and I had big shoes to fill. We’ve collected over 730 wish lists from Clay County teachers this year, and the list keeps growing. From the group, I also add all the lists to the Google spreadsheet so people who are not part of it can shop directly. I’ve shared the link under various posts on different social media channels. Donors across the United States are supporting the #clearthelist movement, and teachers have received many gifts from anonymous donors. Take a look at the list here!

stock our schools

Teachers have been sharing pictures of the items they are receiving, and two teachers shared that their lists have been completely cleared.

One of my favorite items that a teacher received was Mr. Bones, the skeleton. Another teacher got excited about Mr. Bones as well, saying that “The old “Mr. Bones” is missing his patella and part of his skull! A much-needed replacement!!!”

Mr Bones Skeleton

After looking at over 730 wish lists numerous times, teachers’ most-wanted items are snacks for kids, little birthday bracelets, colored paper for printing, pencil erasers, an electric sharpener, and the most beloved pencils by Ticonderoga.

The majority of the items are less than $10, and if you want to sponsor an item for a teacher, shop from the link directly or join our group, and the teacher will thank you once the item is received. If you are not in Clay County, check out the Stock our Schools for Duval and St. Johns on Facebook.

I want to end with a quote from one of the teachers from the group, “It gives a heartwarming and uplifting mood going into the school year. Thanks for showing your appreciation and value to educators.”

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