Brandi recently took a break from her career as a mapmaker (GIS Analyst) to stay at home with her toddler son after moving to Jacksonville, Florida. She is knee-deep in diaper bags and baby gear as the founder of her website Little Brim Baby and as a contributor for BuyModernBaby and Child Mode. Passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, and children’s books, she also enjoys spending time with her son browsing the local stores for unique baby and toddler items, enjoying area waterways with her family, and trying to adjust her native Illinois body to the humid Florida climate. Brandi is a baby gear enthusiast and loves sharing her favorite products, reviews, tips, and fellow moms’ advice with her readers.

Moving to Jacksonville? 8 Neighborhoods Families Love

When my husband and I moved to Jacksonville two years ago we found the choice of neighborhoods overwhelming. My husband grew up in town but left after high school in the mid-1990s, and the...

Southern Summer Survival Secrets

The year of 2016 officially marks my 16th summer living below the Mason-Dixon line, which means that I have spent roughly 42% of my life surviving a southern summer. As a native Midwesterner who...

6 Sunny Skincare Tips for Florida Moms

Brought to you by Park Avenue Dermatology “Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo Here comes the sun, and I say It’s alright.” - The Beatles Spring is in the air, summer is around the corner, and...

Vea Kids :: Family Travel Made SIMPLE

Family travel made simple -- yeah, right! How could that be when I have two children in varying stages of car seats? If we were going to have a week-long vacation I would also...

Top 10 Gift Ideas from Bay & Bee!

As a self-professed baby gear enthusiast, I absolutely love shopping around town for the best products for my children, and it's even more fun around the holidays. It's without a doubt that I recommend...

Top 10 Reasons for Extended Rear-Facing

If you have become a parent within the last several years, you are familiar with rear-facing your infant for maximum safety. But when your baby outgrows their infant car seat, what do you do...

Moving to Jacksonville? 6 Historic Neighborhoods We Love

  Welcome to the second feature on our local Jacksonville neighborhoods! In February, I contacted Hover Girl Properties to find out to the top five most popular, growing Jacksonville neighborhoods. I then reached out to...

The 2015 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

The 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially started June 1st, and ends 30 November. While it is not uncommon for tropical storms to develop before and after these dates, this is the time of year...

The 2015 Guide to Summer Camps In & Around Jacksonville

  Our warmer weather has returned here in Florida, and summer begins in three months already. Early registration for summer camps has begun, so we wanted to put together the ultimate Guide to Summer Camps...

Geeking Out Over the New Shop at Bay & Bee + My Top Picks!

Have you heard that Bay & Bee recently completed an expansion, and with this growth comes some exciting changes! If you haven't been there recently, I recommend stopping by to see it--the fabric store next...

5 Tips to Help You Get Organized in 2015

Today I am sharing 5 tips that have helped me stay organized recently in the hopes that we can all share what works for us and what doesn't work out at all. I have made...

8 Helpful Tips for Coping with Grief during the Holidays

Dealing with a loss at any time of year is painful, but I have been told by friends and family that the holidays often highlight their grief for their loved one who has passed...