The Slap Bracelet

Thank you to Wolfson Children's Hospital for sponsoring this post and providing emergency care to families in Jacksonville right when they need it most.

As parents, we never wake up for the day and anticipate a trip to the ER for your child. However, knowing we have the most amazing options through Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital helps put my mind at ease when any emergency arises.

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So, of course, this post involves a trip to the Baptist & Wolfson Town Center Emergency Room. It was Saturday afternoon, and my husband and I were getting ready for a date night. We had a new babysitter coming, so naturally, I showed her around and went through the routine for the evening. As I was making my way up the stairs, I heard screaming from my son’s room — and then I saw blood. Ironically, a few weeks earlier he had sliced his head open on the corner of a table, and Wolfson fixed us right up with some glue. This time, he had a huge gash on his cheek. Every time he moved his mouth, the cut just gaped open, and I knew this was going to require something more than just a Band-Aid. While I was consoling my son, I was perplexed as to what could have caused this.

We loaded into our car and left our older daughter with the babysitter. We love having the option to go to the Town Center location since we live closer to the beach — the parking is easy, and we were able to get there in less than 20 minutes. 

We quickly checked in and were taken back into a room. The staff was so pleasant and made sure we were comfortable with warm blankets and a TV show to keep my son distracted. The doctor quickly came in and told us he would need stitches. Coming from a medical family (my dad was a surgeon and my mom a nurse), I do not do well with blood or medical procedures, and of course, my son wanted me right next to him. The nurses and doctor were able to calm his fears and get him wrapped up into a little burrito, so they could do the stitches without him trying to touch or move his arms. I couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to do the stitches, and just like that, we were done and everyone was happy. In fact, the entire experience was so quick, that we even made it to our dinner with friends after dropping our son back off at home. 


On our way home, I was still trying to figure out how the cut had actually happened. My son kept saying something about a measuring tape, and I was so confused. When we got home, I went upstairs looking for the culprit. Sure enough, it was a measuring tape-turned-slap bracelet. Basically, the slap bracelet was covered in a plastic covering (which he removed), and when the slap bracelet closed, the metal part of the bracelet gashed into his face, making the perfect little cut. So, here is a PSA to keep an eye on those trinkets from birthday parties or treats from the treasure box at school. I never would have thought that something so small could have done what it did.

We are so lucky to have Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital in our backyard, and whenever another mom asks me for advice on urgent care, they are always my go-to. So, if (well let’s be honest, when) you find yourself in a bind and your child needs medical attention, Wolfson is where you should go. With six ER locations throughout the Jacksonville area, you are likely close to one of their locations. 

Allison Chance
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