Meant to Be Sisters, NOT Twins: Brows in A Minute

Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about your BROWS. They’re supposed to be sisters, NOT twins. All you need is ONE minute, and you can change your whole look.

I know you’re reading this thinking what can I possibly make over in 1 minute that’ll overhaul my look for the better? I promise this ONE thing will change the entire look of your face. Just take a minute to try.

Let’s talk about BROWS–how to fill them in and make them look fuller.

Have you ever been to a makeup artist or even a makeup counter and been lectured about why you should fill in your brows? No? Well, let me do it for you. DO it. It’ll change your whole look, make you look complete–awake and bright-eyed.

I know some of you may be worried because you’ve seen some VERY DEFINED brows out there. Fear not, this post is not for that kind of brow {that takes more than a minute}. This is for a natural, filled in and shaped brow.

All you need are a few things to do it under 1 minute.

Use a spooley or brow brush. Brush the hair in an upward motion and away from your eyes.


Use an angled brush. You want a firm, angled brush like the MAC 208 to achieve the best look. This will apply just enough color, but still leave them natural. Use a brow color that is up to one shade darker than your hair color, apply the brow color in short, hair-like strokes. Follow your natural arch shape to fill in the sparse areas. I always fill the bottom of the brow first to create a shelf, then move towards the top part of the brow.


Run the spooley or brow brush back over the brows to create a blurred effect. This will take away any harsh markings that may have been left from the brush.

Use a brow wax or gel to set your work in place.

There you have it. Brows in under a minute. Don’t believe me…TRY IT!


Watch my beauty segment on The Morning show to see how I transform Jessica and Amber’s look with just a few products. There are also some more details on places to do to get your brows shaped by a professional {Nordstrom Anastasia Brow Bar, Blue Mercury Spa and Sudie’s Brows for threading}. I’ve been to all of them, and they’re phenomenal!

PART 1 of Perfect Brows

PART 2 of Perfect Brows

Have brow questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll answer them.  

Patricia Kozack
Patricia Kozack is a professional makeup artist, wife and mom to two kids. Her days are spent wrangling the kids, being a mom taxi, and getting a workout in on the tennis courts. Her weekends are spent beautifying clients for their weddings and events.  She is obsessed with all things beauty related and cannot wait to share her niche of the world with Jacksonville Mom.



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