This author has asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of this topic or to protect other parties involved.

I Need Meds to Parent (and That’s Okay)

In high school, I probably had some slight depression and anxiety. Back in the day, there was no social media though, and no one really talked about mental health in teenagers. In retrospect, after...

The Day That Changed Our Lives Forever

It was an unseasonably freezing cold day, five days after Christmas, when our lives were changed forever. The unexpected happened, and we lost one of the few we love the most. The most wonderful...

The Kids No One Wants

November is National Adoption Month, so there's lots of talk about surrounding giving children homes and families, who otherwise don't have them. But let's be honest: When people talk about adoption, they mean babies....

Dear Parent, From a Teacher: Here’s How It’s Really Going At School

How’s the start of the school year treating you? In today’s environment, that’s about as welcoming a question for a teacher as asking a pregnant woman how she’s feeling or inquiring about the job...
sexual abuse

True Life: I Am a Survivor of Sexual Abuse

One in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult. Not only that, but child protective services finds evidence...

True Life: My Husband is Suicidal

The pandemic of military suicides is something I've been well aware of for a long time. My husband, a military veteran, and I together have seen it happen so often. Other military wives I...
kids in car

True Life: I Leave My Kids in the Car When Running Quick Errands

With COVID-19 running rampant throughout Florida (and in our own backyard), the fewer people in my family who are out and about, the better. However, with two kids and a husband who’s on the...
COVID 19 Sucks

I Have COVID-19, and It Freaking Sucks

For the past few weeks, I have been surrounded by stories of people I know testing positive for COVID-19. It seems I have gotten notifications from every restaurant, gym, and business I have ever...
working from home

Dear Employer, I Want to Continue Working From Home

If I turned in a request to my current employer right now asking to continue working from home for the remainder of the year, the answer would be no. Not a consideration, not a...
foster parent

Chaos, Fear, and Lots of Love: What It’s Like to Be a Foster Parent

My husband and I didn't intend to become foster parents. We had always somewhat considered adopting an older child, a teenager perhaps, at some point — but it was an idea held off to...

Dear Employer: I’m Doing My Best Right Now — So Should You

Nobody planned on this. But here we are, all trying to make the best of it between Zoom playdates, extra snacks, backyard tents, and many, many movies. #allinthistogether, right? Actually not. I'm talking to you, employer,...
domestic violence

True Life: I Escaped An Abusive Husband

Growing up, my parents were constantly fighting and often miserable together, which inevitably lead to their divorce when I was in middle school. After being exposed to this constant fighting, I always told myself...